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  1. Hi guys,

    So I’ve been researching this topic like crazy but still don’t feel comfortable with it.
    My plants are about a 1 foot tall and in 1.5 gallon plastic pots. I’ve read people saying to water at least once twice, three times a day. I’ve heard people say every other or every third. I watered my plants yesterday and today the very bottom of the pots are very damp and some are moist. I was watering everyday in the solo cups and when I went to transplant I noticed the roots had brown areas and some fungus. I can see people watering everyday if the plant is big enough but at a foot tall in 1.5gal pots should they need water everyday? Is there a method I can use to determine when to water. I used roughly 70/30 coco perlite The coco is still dark brown and pot still feels heavy. I know this subject has been beaten like a dead horse but still I don’t know how to tell. I’m new to coco growing and just need some advice
  2. Water till you see about 10% run off than lift the pot and get an idea of how heavy it is. Everyday check to see how much lighter the pot gets. Once the top 1/2 inch of coco is dry and the pot is much lighter it’s time to water. Once you get an idea of what the pot weighs when it is dry you can use that as a method of when to water.
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  3. Ok thanks. So In your opinion If the soil that’s at the very bottom of the pot looks like you could squeeze it and have water come out, but the rest of the pot is still dark brown but just a little moist would you water or wait?
  4. I would wait until top layer of soil is dry to the touch than water. Are you growing in pots or airpots?
  5. The plants leaves will also give you signs when they want to be watered. They will look slightly wilted. They give signs when they need water.
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  6. Just plastic pots for veg. I just topped and LST yesterday and some of them looked a little droopy today even though the coco was moist. Would they sag from that stress? Some of the leave tips are bent down at 90 degrees also.
  7. It’ll droop from the stress. Should come back in a day or two
  8. Ok thanks for the advice!
  9. Coco is very different than soil. You should feed/water (fertigate) your coco everyday . Properly prepared coco will not hold too much water . I know it looks wrong and it takes some getting used to.
    Here's a good place to start with coco
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  10. I’ve read a lot of that thanks. I’m going to follow what canna says to do. Weight a plant just after you saturated it. Let in runoff then weight it. Once is looses 50 percent of that weight, water it
  11. That time will change as your plants grow bigger they will start to use more water .
  12. Coco is drain to waste hydroponics and it doesn't matter how saturated the coco stays, as long as oxygen is available to the roots. In DWC the roots are immersed in water, but the roots have plenty of oxygen so they grow fast and don't drown.

    With a 70/30 coco/perlite mix you should be feeding at least once a day. Feeding to run off not only replenishes the nutes but it also pulls in fresh oxygen for the roots and prevents salt build up.

    Good luck.

    Listen to JoshuaE, he knows what he's talking about.
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  13. Ok I’ll start watering everyday and see how they look if that’s what you’re telling me. Another thing is concerned about was my res water temps. In summer time the temps of the res is 84 degrees. Is there enough oxygen in the water at temps like that. I do aerated the shit out of it with two stones.
  14. Evertime I've tried adding air to mine it has caused my ph to go out of control.
    I just use a small recirculating pump.
    You should look into an automated watering system if you're growing in coco. Hand watering will get old quickly
  15. Yes maybe on the next round, I have the plans for one. For the money I’ve spent on hoses, pumps, brutes, air stones, air pumps, watering wands I could’ve already built three auto waters. It’s my first grow so I want to get a feel for watering frequency and amount before I attempt a auto system

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