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  1. Hi is it normal that my plant needs water ever 2 days its pretty much dry by the time i water again but pre flower i was watering twice a week. Now im watering 4 times a week and feeding 4 times a week should i continue to algoflash 666 my girl 4 times a week or just use it twice and water by its self twice?
  2. mine get watered every other day, ive got alot of air circulation in a small space tho so your gonna have to see what works for you, i personally cant feed every watering or ill burn up my plants, ive seen some enormous feeders, infact ive had one whom needed its own mix from the rest, id go with your second option for the lighter feedings untill you get its needs fully worked out
  3. yes it cud be normal depends on the heat in the room and air flow, for flowering! the room shud be much cooler than veg and less humid.. 65-70 degrees 30-50% humidity..feeding 4 times a week is outrageous, once a week is suffcient with the suffcient amount.. next time u water her, drown her, and see how long it takes for the water to fully evaporate and repeat
  4. mj is pretty sensitive to over watering.. so honestly the finger an inch in the soil method is best way to guage, if its moist, wait untill it isnt, if its dry, make it moist.
    four times a week is alot of food haha, ive never really heard of so much, your plant is a fatass, just messin, but if its working, shit man, then its working.
  5. I water every other day...

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