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    I was getting a little brown edges on the leaves so I set my timers to water for 15 minutes every 15 minutes. Is this okay?
  2. So its constant?

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    no, there is 15 minutes of watering and 15 minutes of draining.
    my medium is a mixture of mainly perlite and some vermiculite.
    I also just set it to water once during the night for 15 minutes. The coldest the temperature gets is 75 degrees, so this should be fine, right?
  4. You should be watering once every few days at most

    You want your soil to almost completely dry out before watering..

    2 of the worst things for plants:

    overwatering and overfeeding
  5. interesting...

    I have to say I am fully confused. So you have an auto water system watering soil every 15 minutes?

    I dont think that's going to work unless I am missing something here..
  6. The brown edges sound like over fertilizing and if leaves are curling down is another sign of over fertilizing. Your watering cycle seems to be in excess. Roots like a moist(not wet enviroment) and could lead to root rot among other things. Some pics and more info of your setup would be helpfull.
  7. I assuming you are talking about hydro?
  8. Yes, hydroponics. No soil, just perlite and vermiculite.
    Out of the three plants that I have, two of them have brown edges on the very tips of the first two true leaves. Today they are about a week old. The only way I could have overdone the nutrients is because the perlite is miracle grow brand. I don't have a ppm meter :(
  9. I just attached a list of pictures

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