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  1. Is there something you should look for like moisture to know when to water again? For example grabbing a small handful and squeezing it? I just put my sprouts under lights so, I may have to water larger amounts due to heat.

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    I have six 3 gallon pots, is using 3 liters of water when feeding a reasonable amount? I am getting a nice amount of run-off but, am worried that maybe I should be using more. Perhaps my coco is not packed tight enough so, the water is running through?
    The plants are looking good though. I will post a few pics in a while to get some feedback.
  3. Pics would help bro... I'm new to coco ad well but I love it so far.. there's many ways you can water it. I just read the plant and that's how I know when to water.. Some water in the morning an at night.. and some pal do like 3 small / medium waters a day. Either or works. I've also watered one big water once a day.. it's all preference as long as u don't let it dry out

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  4. once roots are established you want to water once or twice a day for hydro type growth...you cant over water once they are big enough
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    I've been using coco for a few years now and it is incredibly forgiving, can't really over do it with coco. Just as long as you get run off, no run off = salt build up.

    I go by the how heavy the pot feels. I'm in bags that have handles, if I can start to pick it up with one arm its ready to be watered. 15g bags are typically every other day for me.
  6. I've been watering every 2 - 3 days at this point. I'm on day 50 of an auto grow. Like FiaBurn, I tend to go by weight of the pot - working great so far!
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    Do ya'll water charged every time?
    The grow stores and nutrient companies recommend it to sale more nutes I think... i've had good sucess fertilizing every other in the past.  Growing a few more finicing strains this time that are loving all the nutes I can give em atm..  7 gallon pots, 8 plants, drinking probally 45-60 gallons per week pre flower right now.
  8. I think the rule is if the top inch of the coco is dry, it is time to water. Start lifting your pot to get an idea of how much water it has. The lighter the pot is, the less water the coco has, and the sooner it will need to be watered.
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