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  1. SCRoG on 3 plants. I water each one a half gallon every other day. They are in 5 gallon pots in 40% Perlite 60% Coco. I am adding 3mL of each Canna Coco A+B, 3.5mL Magi-Cal, 3mL Heavy 16 Prime Enhancer, and 3mL Humic Acid. Hanna PPMs are coming out to around 550. Using PUR Filtered Water. Do you guys think I will need to flush during the remainder of my veg with only a 1 gallon flush each pot when I switch to flower? The nutrients I am using are both Veg/Flwr.
  2. Everything depends on how your plants look. Any pictures?
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    Here are some pics for you weed lovers as well. Took these pics a few days ago. I'll take some more in another few. I changed the SCRoG Net to Chicken Wire. They had to be re-trained and I lost 2 nodes in the process.

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  4. Any thoughts as to the flushing?
  5. They look healthy so don't worry about flushing just yet. Have they been topped at all?
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    I received them all as clones from the same club and they grew really weird from the start. The one all the way to the left is Platinum OG, middle one is a Pre-98 Bubba and is a bit younger, and the right one is Larry OG. They were growing with 3 main stems on each of the OGs. Trimmed one off of each cause I really didnt think i had enough room. went with lst on all of them, going to top the bubba here is a more current photo, kinda rough cause i dont have my cam right now, pic is reversed

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  7. And not to be a pest but here is another question. I have this Sour Diesel on my balcony and it only gets like 5 hours of direct sunlight a day.

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  8. do you guys think I should throw it under the 400 watts? It's been trying to veg for 4 weeks now.
  9. What light is it under now?
  10. Sunlight. It's on my balcony.
  11. Chicken wire's not ideal but it'll do I suppose. I've heard people warn not to use it. I never have myself. I'd top them all again if I were you, and top again after that. To be honest looking at the size of the holes in that wire I'd say that stuff will definitely be a pain in the arse to work with.

    About the SD, depends what you want to do with it. If it's part of your plans then it should be under the 400 now really. Are the 3 in your first post under the 400?

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