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Watering can

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by zyxwv88, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Ok, kind of a silly thing, but I thought I'd share a minor little thing I found useful for smaller grows.

    For watering my plants, I found that laundry detergent bottles work fantastic. My wife had some 2 gallon Tide detergents that she finished with and I gave them a really good cleanup (although it's mostly just a surfactant and most plants actually like surfactants because it helps them draw water, so clean it good, but no need to be paranoid).

    The great thing is that they have a push button spout, so you can just hold the lip over your plant and push the button. I'm doing hempy buckets, so I'm having to mix up hydro nutes, and I have to mix up a new batch of nutes about every 2-3 days with my plants. They are much more durable than milk jugs and much handier
  2. this belongs in the diy section...and you need to post pics...

    great idea though... very cool...
  3. I'll post some pics later today if I can. I was pretty wasted when I posted and my camera-phone was at 5%, so I decided to skip the pics. :)
  4. IMAG0266.jpg

    These are what I've started using. (sorry it's take a while to get a pic up).

    I write what nutes I need on my container because it's easier when I'm trying to water them while wasted. :)

    They are 2 gallon and for smaller grows like mine, these have become my favorite watering container. I can just hook the push button over the lip of my container and push the button. Dumps water out as fast or slow as I want. I had been using milk jugs, but I'm slowly replacing them all with these. They also take a lot more abuse and last longer. All my milk jugs get dented up within months, but these last almost forever.

    If you do use them, don't forget to loosen or remove the lid to let air come in.
  5. you Americans get all the cool stuff :(

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