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  1. Ok were to start....currently 3 plants 1sour kush 2 vanilla kush...1st indoor grow ever!!....I buy my plants from a buddy already teened up...now I have um and a $2200 grow room set up im lost...wtf rite... I have ro water. The complete 9 part nutes of foxfarm. I have not nuted yet just watered um when I 1st got them...here's where I'm lost.... I have lots oof questions so plz help as much as u can....with ro water I was told I need to use calmag? And when and how much would I need per gal of ro water and would I use it every watering....my ff nutes don't have this in it??? I have to add it to my water?? Also my ff feeding chart says feed twice a week but on the backs of the bottles says once a week...in gonna roll with once a week cause I read to under nute is always better then to oover nute?? Another qhestion is idk when to water these haha I no they like wet cycles and dry cycles but honestly idk when to even water um....don't want it to dry don't want um to wet but idk how long to go...god trying to figure out when and when not to water um has got me feeling like I'm in over my head. I want a good out come and have to much invested to let my babys die and its got me worried with all the limits of growing...its so vast. I mean I'm a pretty smart guy and I no tards that grow with all bs and I'm here trying to do everthing rite and I'm way over welmed plz grass city help me out
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    calmag is normally 1 table spoon per gallon, as for how often to feed, i do water feed water feed, some do water, water, feed, when you water pick the pot up and feel the weight, now start picking the pot up every day and when it feels light water again, normally its around the 3-4 days mark, depending on pot size and how established the roots are, i use 3 gallon,
  3. RO filters remove alot of stuff from the water which can include calcium and magnesium which are two nutrients that plants need, so if its removed you need to add some to your water and or nute mix. I add it to the nute mix. AS for watering some people go by the weight of the pot, that works but I just stick my finger in the soil about an inch or so down and it if feels dry then I water or feed whichevers turn it is. When I water or feed I give each plant enough to where I have about 20% of it as run off out of the bottom of each plant container, this helps reduce salts that build up in the soil. Have you read up on how to PH your water and or nute mix and test the Ph of each plants run off?
  4. The plants are in 3gal pots so every 3 to 4 days is goood to water then 3 to 4 days later feed and keep repeting it? Seems like with only 7days in a week it would roll over were I skip a week feeding??
  5. And tplat no I just test the ph b4 I dump it in my floors are un even as hell so standing water in the try my pots sit in all go to 1 side so the plant dosent have a chance to re suck up the standing water...what I have been doing is I slowly pour water to I start to see run out from the bottem then stop
  6. And it seems like it would b easier to maintain plants if I started um my self but I don't have a veg room so I buy teens for 40bucks off my buddy then I have to deal with the proublems he was having b4 I got um and fix um....is it normail for some leaves to just die? Seems like all 3 plants over all look very healty but thbe 2 vanilla kush plants seem to have a yeellow leaf or to and when I got them had dead lives on um I picd off...here is a pic...the top and rite ones are v kush the other 1 on the left is sour kush or headband can't really see the yellowing cause of the hps running but ill attach another pic were u can see it after this post

  7. Both these pics are of the top v kush plant from my 1st pic...I haven't nuted that top 1 yet but idk if its normal for leaves to turn and die or if the whole plant is to stay healthy from start to finish...could b a nute proublem...or cause its been 80 to 87 in my room ill have ac Monday 26th or mayb cause cause they just got moved to 12 12 from 24hrlite...idk seems like it could b a few things


  8. Over all it seems healthy but it has yellow here and there....still all new to me
  9. Plants are looking good. Have you started feeding with the FF nutes yet? It looks like it is lacking a little bit of iron or maybe Cal or mag. I think the FF Big Bloom and Grow Big have all three in them. Check the labels. If not, pick up some Epson salt. Remember to use 1/4 to 1/2 strength nutes at first
  10. No I haven't nuted yet and what's apsoms salt do and how do u usse it...I hav some but idk what to do with it lol
  11. Make sure its the right kind and some even say it can be used as a plant food on some packages. You don't need much. Just about a half teaspoon in a gallon of water should be plenty
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    Idk what kind to use and what does iit do?
  13. Just get a cycle going like water, water then feed no skipping. If you try to time it to the number of days in a week your not going to have enough days in a week.
  14. [quote name='"Deno420"']Idk what kind to use and what does iit do?[/quote]

    Has cal-mag in it and can help deficiency problems. Also you can light feed every watering. I do that with a heavy feeding every other feeding
  15. [quote name='"tplat"']

    Just get a cycle going like water, water then feed no skipping. If you try to time it to the number of days in a week your not going to have enough days in a week.[/quote]

    But that's when it makes me wonder if they have recived enough of the dry cycle and I don't want to over water eather
  16. I run into that sometimes when outdoors in pots, I water a little bit then rotate the plant and water a little bit more continuing to rotate the plant till its gone and theres about 20% run off out of the bottom then PH test that. Your run off PH is the most important PH reading as it tells you what the PH of the soil is.
  17. Now here's a good question that comes to mind...if I'm giving them the ff feeding like I'm supposed to and addind the calmag to my ro water like I'm supposed to and b4 ea gets pored in making sure my ph is between 6 to7 should I ever really have to worry bout deffshincies or is there always gonna b stuff to keep ading cause somethig I'm using isent doing something rrite?? Just seems that if I'm using a set of nutes that are a 9part set that work hand and hand together with ading the calmag to the ro it would give good results to plants that were all wanting
  18. Just stick your finger in the soil a few inches down and if it feels dry then water or feed whichevers turn it is.
  19. So it don't matter if its everyday or every otherday or w/e if it feels dry water them? Lol something so easy for experanced ppl seems so hard for some one of my stature I'm not trying to make something as easy as watering a plant seem hard I'm just trying to stay away from over watering um and root roit
  20. yes asbove, water or feed when they need it, dont think because its only went 2 days that you carnt water again, if she is thirsty give her a drink, my 3-4 day comment was just a average, hotter weather or good drainage, size of plant or root ball can make a difference, by the way you carnt over water them if your watering every 2nd or third day, over watering is when your doing twice a day or every time you pop your head in, as long as you've got good drainage you'll be fine.

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