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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by crazybob2u, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. I'm still having trouble getting my pics on the forum???
    In the mean time a couple of questions....

    My plants are still recovering nicely after i tried to burn them up in the wrong nutrient solution in my hydro unit!!!
    I have since returned them to soil and they seem to be doing OK.
    They are in a 4'x 2'x6' cabinet I built. I'm using a 150 watt
    HPS light approx. 2.5 feet from the plants.....Is this distance ok???? The plants are approx 4" tall and are in 5gal. buckets.
    I have been only watering 16oz of water twice daily on both.
    Is that amount of water Ok??
  2. as long as the temp is o.k. i'd put the light closer, the usual light distance for a 150w hps would be 6".....but i've never seen a hps as low as 150watts....maybe it's just me.....but as long as the temp is ok go closer......once it's in place do the hand test.....put your hand between the light and the plant, if it is too hot for your hand then it's too hot for thre plants.....as for watering.....put your finger approx 1"-2" under the soil and if it's still wet then don't water, if it's dry....water....hope that helps you.....Peace out.....Sid

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