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  1. Hi guys im about to start my first coco grow and was just looking for some tips on watering technique. Ive got a few NFT grows under my belt now and thought id try something new.
    Grow space will be 2m x 1m with a 20L nft and 2 x 15L coco pots in each square metre. 1080 actual draw watt leds covering the area.

    So, im rooting up the seedlings just now, give em another week to air proon in rockwools then ill plant them and veg for 3-4 weeks.

    I havent looked into coco growing really but im pretty sure i know what im doing.
    Mix will be equal parts canna coco regular, perilite and hydroton in fabric pots.
    I plan to just water them like fuck as often as i can. Treat them like a hydro res pretty much.

    Just wondering about starting them up though. Is there a knack to watering the seedlings? Should i just water the middle of the pot so the roots grow straight down or do i water in a circle a bit away from the plant to make them stretch out.
    Or do i just water it like fuck all over from the get go?
    Im keen to keep this all as tight as possible so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance troops

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  2. You'll get faster growth if you start in a smaller container for the first two weeks and transplant. I start in a 1ltr airpot.
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  3. Yeah man im double transplanting with root riots then 4" rockwool so theyll already have 3-4 nodes by the time i put them in the coco. 17-20 days so figured that should be sound to just plug em into the big pots.
    But like do i soak the whole pot first or put the plants in with it dry and water just the plant or like is there a specific method for watering them that will help me out?
    Followed a lot of soil growers and most of them seem to have their own technik to doing it.

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  4. I transplant my plants 3 times , rock wool to 150 mm pot, then to 15 ltr pot then to 35 ltr pot works best for me saves me in heaps of nutrients and I find my root development is better

    Currently growing Sour Chiesel
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  5. Make sure your coco is nice and saturated with water before you add your little seed. It’ll help much more throughout the process if you keep all the coco medium nice and damp.

    And as far as your watering concerns are, it’s up to you. If you love watering, like myself, and don’t mind making extra batches from time to time, then water the shit out of em.

    The only way you’d get better results is if you had a nice drip system that would run every hour of the day.

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