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    Hey Guys...
    How often and at what volume do you water weed soil at the end of the Germination Stage or/and at the start of the Seedling Stage ??
    Pls and Thank you

    ps I am aware that it may depend on other factors
  2. It depends on the size of the container and the medium.
    I grow in coco in solo cups and feed/water daily to run off.
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  3. Thank you.... I just don't want to over water the soil
  4. I use dirt and rapid rooter cubes, for the first 2 weeks from sprouting, I'm typically watering with a pipette (if you want to sound all science-y) or like a turkey baster.

    typically 30-50ml of water every day right on the rooter cube (life hack, a standard shot glass is about 45ml, close enough if you don't want to measure precise.)

    Once they get the second set of true (or serrated) leaves, or the leaves have reached the edge diameter of a solo cup, they are usually ready for more water, like 100+ml per day. Once they have "established" a root zone, they can tolerate a lot more water.

    That being said, make sure to dial your light back to a level appropriate for seedlings, and have a nice warm, humid environment for them to start in, with a well drained medium thats not too hot.

    Not knowing your strain, heres a pic of another seedling at like 20 days, it was very sativa heavy, so got a bit taller compared to the squat ones in the prior photos, just so you don't worry if you plant grows differently than pictured here, so long as its healthy.
    Best of luck mate!
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  5. I run in Soil (Fox Farms Ocean Forest) and start in a 3x3x3 inch square nursery cup. Water by weight. Pick the cup up. Is it still heavy? Set it back down and don't water until feather light.

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  6. this is deeply useful.. thank you so much
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