Waterfarm Q's

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  1. Hi!

    If anyone here is familiar with Waterfarm systems could you please make it clear for me :eek:

    -shall i plug the pump to the timer so the plants are watered several times per day/night or it is better to let it run constantly?

    -and also when changing solution in the reservoir do I pour it over the plant root or somewhere on the side or maybe i have to use the pipe to pour in the solution?

    If there are any other things I shall know please write these here

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. anyone with any experience of using Waterfarm here?
  3. First off, I JUST got a waterfarm so I don't have total experience with it just yet.

    If you have an air stone in the bottom of the res, then you can use a timer like 30 min on 60 min off during the day. If you don't have a air stone I read that you need to run it longer to aerate the solution.

    To drain solution just turn the blue gauge 90 degrees till it drains, to fill it pour it directly over the media. (from the waterfarm instruction booklet lol)

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