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Waterfarm Gorilla Blue AUTO Grow: V2

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by Enronitis, May 30, 2020.

  1. Had to take a hiatus for personal reasons- but back and ready to give this shit another shot.

    Waterfarm is set up with an additional airstone inside- I wanted some extra bubbles than it normally provides. Waterfarm has extra holes drilled into it 1/4" size; also is able to be hooked up to Texas(?) Reservoir at any point.
    Paper-towel Germinated & Planted 3 Days ago.

    Space size: 18x28x90
    Light: QB96 Elite V2
    Grow Type: Slightly modified GH Waterfarm(Holes added)
    Medium: Mother Earth Hydroton
    External Reservoir: GH Standard Controller
    PH AutoDoser: Jecao 2 Pump Autodoser
    Airpumps: 2x 126gph Airpumps
    Nutrients: Floranova Bloom
    Exhaust: Cloudline 6"
    Carbon Filter: Phresher Carbon Filter
    Dehumidifier: Rimko Smart Dehumidifier
    Seed: Gorilla Blue Auto

    Day 3:


  2. Waterfarms can grow some great plants......good luck. :)
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  3. I'll drag up a chair and watch
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  4. Count me in buddy. Never tried the waterfarms but my mates got em. Good systems like. Get some healthy growth from em.
    Hope it goes well for you dude.
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  5. Day 4 Photos

  6. I suggest you lower your drip ring so it touches the hydroton.......too much splashing.
    I used to cut out the center of a styrofoam plate and placed it on top of the drip ring so there was no splash.
  7. It's as low as it can go
    It sorta sprays the water everywhere across the hydroton
    I actually feel like it isn't so bad
    No splash currently out of the farm due to aluminum foil on the top
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  8. Planty developed some yellow tips over night..It's day 9.
    Thinking it's a nutrient deficiency, added in some- now to wait and see.

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