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Waterfall? Worth Making?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 697282, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Pretty self explanatory: what are your thoughts on a waterfall bong? I've been smoking a bowl at home but i'm considering making a waterfall bong. Is it worth making one/are they better than a bowl? Thoughts?

  2. Gravity All the way!!!
  3. Waterfalls and gravs definitely conserve more weed than most glass pieces imo. You get higher off of less weed, and it takes less than 15 minutes to make from materials you probably already have.
  4. It's probably worth making, yeah. I used to use one a while ago and it was pretty nice. If you have a high tolerance it'll probably only last about as long as a bong high does (which for me, is about 30 minutes). It's definitely worth checking out.
  5. Eh, im kind of against making home made smoking tools, id rather smoke out of glass or paper all day over something like that. but that's just my preference/opinion
  6. Absolutely waterfalls are probably the most conservative way to save bud when smoking. I like it better than gravs because a lot of things can go wrong with a gravity boing and waterfalls are very smooth and consistent. 
    and basically the water takes a hit for your high ass  :smoking:
  7. Waterfall + Shower + Chill Music = Therapy
    Every fucking morning!  :bongin:
  9. Haven't done it in a while but it used to be my shit
  10. You really should, it's the most economical thing to make next to the gravity bong.
    30 minutes?!?!? You must be using schwag if it only lasts for 30 fucking minutes
  12. Here's my schwag. 
  13. Good fucking schwag dude
  14. Yeah man, make one! They're cheap and easy to make, and get you pretty baked. You could also try a gravity bong if you really wanna get high. Same concept pretty much
  15. #15 Sativa Hangover, Jun 18, 2013
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    It's going to be more cost and time effective to make a gravity bong, because you wont have to keep refilling it with water for every hit.
    You also wont need to stand next to a sink or any dumb shit.
    I will warn you though don't use any sort of plastic, because it will overheat from all the hot smoke after an extended period of usage, then you'll be inhaling some poison with your smoke.
  16. It is absolutely worth making, gets you higher than anything else in my opinion  :smoke:
    Ya man that shit looks terrible. Hahaha just kidding dude, but 30 minutes?!?!? Do you not smoke enough of it or something?
  18. Hell ya! a bottle an a socket and you have a party. I remember me and my friends would smoke out of Sobe bottles when they were glass. They had a special notch that you could bang out with a screwdriver that was just the right size for waterfalls. If you're new to smoking they will put you into space.
    another good one is those really tall smart water bottles. They are really clear and i always love watching the water get replaced with smoke in the bottle  :yummy:
  20. Hell ya i had a the biggest one i could get with a GonG 14mm joint in it with a ben wilson bowl. Haha it put my cousin on his ass literally he was rolling around coughing :laughing:

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