Waterfall Jam anyone?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Palmer Eldritch, May 4, 2004.

  1. well did anyone go to the festival in Indiana, Pennsylvania? I can't say too much due to the excessive amounts of wine, weed and acid i had. All i know is it was a very good night. I wish there would have been more music although i did miss Hypnotic Clambake at the end. The bands that I did make it over to see were damn good. It was all too short, it should have been at least a whole weekend long.
  2. i don't know. I was given my dose by my old roommate for free :) It was great to be a guest ofsuch a notorious (infamous, maybe?) person of festival. He knows the guys who set up the event and has gone for the past 5 years. As long as i was around him I was given all the fun substances that I could handle.

    I'm surprised how great the trip was since i hadn't tripped in over a year and especially because the day started out with me impaling my foot on a thorn. it went in over and inch and threatened to burst out the otherside of my foot. but as soon as I started going, I just flowed around the camps packing bowls recieving bowls, listening to people playing music, drinking wine out of my wineskin, watching tents eat people only to spit them out because they were bad tasting dirty hippies. Even met up with a very frendly female for part of the night :)
  3. I know a bunch of hippies that went. And ate a bunch of 2ce.

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