Waterfall bong

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  1. I have been using this idea/device for a while.
    It saves SO MUCH smoke, and gets you beyond high for just a small amount.

    I dont see its name or idea circulated much on "best ways to smoke" lists or whatever.
    Just wanted to hear some thoughts about waterfall bongs, likes, dislikes from all the GC community.

    I personally love both my waterfall and my bong Merlin.
    just waterfall bong helps out when my weed is running tight.
  2. Waterfall bongs IMO are less practical than gravity bongs.
  3. I've been using my waterfall consistently for about a week now and I love it. Like OP said, gets you really ripped off of a small amount. It can be impractical though, I usually screw up and get water all over me.
  4. Perhaps part of the attraction of waterfall bongs, apart from how ripped they get you, is that they're easy to make yourself. But they are kind of cumbersome. I would love to see a really nice, cleanly executed glass waterfall bong made by a professional blower, rather than some soda bottle contraption. Has anyone ever seen anything like that?
  5. Waterfall bongs are amazing in the fact that they save you nug and get your ripped. Coming from someone who smoke out of one daily the bottles tend to get smelly and make the smoke taste like ass I have been in plenty of situations where the hit was either too dense/hot and made the experience super yucky
  6. I don't like waterfalls or gravity bongs because it takes so much time and the smoke is stale by the time you get to hit it. I'd prefer something GonG anytime.
  7. I've managed to make an amazin glass waterfall bong best piece I've ever had and less than $3 to make
  8. I think if anything they rip too hard. I want to enjoy my herb, and that's hard to do when your dying coughing in a puddle of your own phlem
  9. Share your knowledge?
  10. I smoke out of em all the time, they conserve like nothing else and I really like how easy they are to smoke in public, I can sit in my car and drain it into another bottle and hold it down low while it milks up then lean down, hit and I'm done, I don't have to hold something up by face where people can see it
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  11. Also you can buy legit waterfalls, I think they're made by vortex it has 2 chamber with a valve in the middle so you don't have to drain it somewhere and it has a downstem so it bubbles like a regular bong
  12. are they as effective as the "homemade" kind? haha
  13. Yes at my LHS, they sell one for 45 dollars. Its GonG and pretty legit. Check ur shops, they are around :smoke:

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