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waterbottle bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thekid23, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. i heard about the 14 year old who dies from smoking plastic, i dont know the full story but are waterbottle bongs safe to use?

    i have a waterbottle bong with a hallowed out pen cap and i have a bowl attached to that where i put the weed and light that and inhale through the top where you would normally this safe to use?
  2. most people have been here. it is a last resort. defiantly invest in some glass. smoother and there won't be any chance of you inhaling posionious cancer causing fumes from the plastic
  3. The 14 year old who smoked plastic literally melted down the plastic so the toxic fumes were released into his lungs. If you are that worried put tinfoil in your pen cap (tinfoil is still not healthy but better than toxins from plastic) or replace your bowl with a socket from a socket wrench. Those work beautifully.

  4. so it is dangerous? im not really inhaling any plastic though

  5. yeah thats what i put over the pen cap now. it works great
  6. use a wrench socket with a pipe screen if anything.. Or go buy a pack a zig zags bro. Best $1.50 you could spend
  7. Yeah after i heard this story i checked out my makeshift and took the bowl of and the plastic pen carcus was all melted and shit so i must have breathed in some of that smoke so i just took a pop can and cut a square piece of metal out and rolled it into a stem so i don't have to worry about burning plastic anymore, It works pretty well.
  8. Dude, do not worry! This kid used a Pez dispenser. No bowl, no filter. He basically smoked the fucking plastic. That is dangerous. A waterbong isn't dangerous at all. You can use a plastic stem (the thing that goes down to the water), but you cannot use a plastic bowl. You need a metal bowl. For example a sodacan. You can cut the can and make it into a cone. Insert the cone into the stem, and make sure the flame doesn't reach the plastic. If the plastic doesn't heat up, then no worries! It's not hurting you.

    - Serenity

  9. woah, so potentially his pez dispenser was his bowl? i understand now
  10. just go get a glass pipe you can find one for as cheap as 2-3$ at a headshop, or a one hitter. as long as your 18 there are a ton of alternatives besides plastic water bottles.

  11. And here lies the problem.
  12. Yes, thekid23, he smoked the fucking plastic! Idiot! Of course that's harmful!

    - Serenity

    And you can't be on here if you're not of legal age XD XD XD

    Anyways, no, it is not going to kill you. But it is not good at all for you, and should be avoided if possible (asking an older friend or kid at school is a lot easier than risking your health or possibly your life).
    Scientists have not done much long term research on smoking plastic, because it hasn't been a problem outside of the shitty youth of today. So people may say it's fine, but all possibilities remain that it could kill you.
    Ya know. And it tastes bad.
  14. Get a glass bong. Derp. You can get mini ones for like $20 at your LHS
  15. #15 glass_head, Oct 7, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2016
    Or one of these that has a glass downstem

    I dunno about you, but I would pay $25 not to inhale toxic chemicals

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