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  1. So i need a sum up of distilled, tap and ro water my bf bought distilled water instead of straight water and now im wondering how can i use it? Im using gh floraseries performance pack and gh calmag. Opinions and examples of water feeding schedule in soilless would be appreciated

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  2. Just use it the same as tap water but add slightly more calimagic and check your ppm's.

    I also use the GH flora series and like to use the lucas formula for my NPK at about 50-75% strength.
    Explained: The Lucas Formula to Growing Marijuana | Northwest Leaf: The Patients voice

    Distilled water is going to be very similar to the rainwater I use. I basically add an extra 3ml's a gallon of calimagic on top of the 50% strength lucas formula for vegging plants. GH floranova bloom is already about the lucas formula ratio. I also veg with just that at about 3-4ml's a gallon with rainwater. Floranova bloom is a one part so it already has cal/mag included.
  3. Thanks ill read into that, i have the gh floragro micro bloom not the nova but tge ratios shouldn't be much different

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  4. I use ionised water for quite some time now, with the filter in it. I just love it, no plastic bottles and only fresh water. Its all on www.kangenaroundtheworld.com.

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