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  1. So i need a sum up of distilled, tap and ro water my bf bought distilled water instead of straight water and now im wondering how can i use it? Im using gh floraseries performance pack and gh calmag. Opinions and examples of water feeding schedule in soilless would be appreciated

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  2. Just use it the same as tap water but add slightly more calimagic and check your ppm's.

    I also use the GH flora series and like to use the lucas formula for my NPK at about 50-75% strength.
    Explained: The Lucas Formula to Growing Marijuana | Northwest Leaf: The Patients voice

    Distilled water is going to be very similar to the rainwater I use. I basically add an extra 3ml's a gallon of calimagic on top of the 50% strength lucas formula for vegging plants. GH floranova bloom is already about the lucas formula ratio. I also veg with just that at about 3-4ml's a gallon with rainwater. Floranova bloom is a one part so it already has cal/mag included.
  3. Thanks ill read into that, i have the gh floragro micro bloom not the nova but tge ratios shouldn't be much different

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  4. I use ionised water for quite some time now, with the filter in it. I just love it, no plastic bottles and only fresh water. Its all on www.kangenaroundtheworld.com.
  5. You may be in a position to tell from the leaves being droopy when they want watering. As you could believe, the bigger the plant gets the extra water pool it will drink, so at the start you likely don't need to water the soil too much.

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