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  1. Is it ok to use tap water if the ph is right??
  2. If your ppms are low and theres no chloramine in it
  3. Letting the water sit for a few days takes chloramine out of it right??
  4. No....letting the water sit only removes the chlorine. To remove the chloramine you add a small handful of organic matter like compost, ewc or a spoon of molasses to remove the chloramine, then let it sit for 24 hrs..

  5. I don't have anything to add like that is there anything that I may have laying around like fish take conditioner? It takes all chemicals out of tap water right?
  6. I didnt think this was a big problem considering people use tap water all the time to water plants, and their gardens.
    Tap water is fine for all house hold uses, or so i read.

    I have never added molasses to tap water and i have never had a problem. Is this just something you have to deal with in the states.
  7. So as long as my ph is in the right range I should be good?

  8. I leave my tap water out over night and the next day i add it to my reservoir, never had a problem with additives in water.

    I would say its fine, my last blue cheese gave 108g dry bud.

    But i would like to know why you guys think different.
  9. It makes no difference in soils or hydro grows using chemical nutrients, the soil is dead and the plants receive nutrition from the added chemicals.

    If you are growing organically the chloramine will kill the benifical soil microbes which make up a living soil and produce the necessary nutrients for plant growth.

  10. Ok, i get the organics thing, i do hydro so that makes sense. Thank you pointswest.
  11. What is chloramine??
  12. Pointwest, could you elaborate a little more on the spoonful of molasses for the n00bs in here? (ie approx. how much water does a spoonful work for) And I assume the molasses would need to be organic as well?
  13. I love my well water even more after those links PW.

    Even with a 180 ppm of Calcuims & Magnesiums........

    @ samburger, mollassas is organic.
  14. Well don't I feel stupid :p

  15. Don't. There are several kind of the stuff. Look for blackstrap its best for growing. Not so hot for cooking but great for plants.

    Would not suggest using mollasses if you're in hydro, Nosure way to get all the sugars out, so bacteria will colonize and mess up rezzy .
  16. Thanks for the tip! I'm still in the process of building a grow box for my first grow, but I'm slowly compiling a list of all the useful info I've seen so far & added that to it.

    And I'm growing only for hobby & have to keep it 100% stealth, so I've chosen the simpler (& supposedly tastier) organic route.

    So what would be a good approximate ratio of molasses:water? Let's say with 1 gallon of water to keep things simple...just need a rough idea.

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