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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MistaMajik, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hello Friends, quick question, how often do you all think I should be watering my plants? I've got them in little 1 gallon pots til transplant, at first they didn't seem to be drying up on a daily basis, but now they seem to appear dry more often, I've watered them most days so far, I'm currently on day 7.
  2. stick your finger down into the soil 1.5"
    - if it's damp at all then don't water
    - if it's dry, water until you get about 30% of what you've used leak through the bottom of the pot
  3. Cool, thanks
  4. I disagree with this method. I dont like the idea of "sticking my finer 1.5in deep" in my soil, you could harm something if your not careful.

    I do the weight method. you can tell from lookin at the top of ur soil when its starting to dry out. Now instead of sicking your finger down in your soil (which does work well, im not saying it does - i personally just dont like stickin my fingers down in my soil ) feel how heavy it is. After a while u will know when u need to water by the weight of it.

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