Water Timers?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Nugga Boo, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hey I'm going to do a quick run on mini's this year. I have some babes that are already about 2 feet tall and I want to move them out to a very isolated patch i know of. Anyway I have a rez setup and i want a timer that will release water once a day for a few min for some watering. Only problem is that the last 3 timers I hve bought all need water pressure to work! Have you guys seen/used any timers that didn't need pressure? Just Gravity?
  2. BUMP.......... Yes I need a BUMP
  3. You guys got nothing????
  4. Try ebay search for water timers , i found few things but dont know what exactly you need

  5. I'm confused as to y a timer needs water when its electrical,please elaborate:confused:this timer is plugged into a pump correct
  6. No. There is no power, this is a guerrila grow. I need a battery operated timer that can be used for a gravity fed water irritation. Something like this Holman Industries the problem is that I live in the US not Australia lol.
  7. Oh duh I know what ya mean,sorry baked,so the gravity isnt createing enough pressure that suprises me.
  8. Yah i have like a 32 gallon tote, and then like 20 feet of poly 1/2 tubing set at maybe a 30-35 degree angle downhill, and I need to hit like 10psi at the least. Hmmmm. Maybe i'll just use a whole 50foot thing of poly tubing. I wish there was a formula for calculation water pressure!
  9. BUMP !! LOl. Weather is getting great here in cali, we had a few weird late rainstorms, but My guess is its gunna be 75-80 degrees blue skies for the nest 2-3 weeks, then were gunna see a few hot streaks of 90's then it will taper off at the end of summer.

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