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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MushrumStamper, May 25, 2010.

  1. I was jsut wondering, i have this idea about an easy way to water ym plants.

    I was thinking since i have a small plot that i plant on aprox 10x15.

    I could run hoses into the ground about a foot down with holes in it proly about 6-12 inches apart. I could have the hose connected to a 5 gallon water barrel so when the soil dries it would suction water from the tank into the ground and keep in moist 24/7.

    Just a though I am hoping for feedback on how anyone feels if this is a good idea or not.
  2. Marijuana likes dry soil aswell bro.
  3. doesnt it need to be damp all the time though
  4. Best to have both changing from time to time. Deffanty not to much or not enough is key. Personally i like wait till they almost stat to wilt before i water them but lately in my area mother nature has been giving them plenty.
  5. shti true that. its raining right now. but the thin wouldnt give it water unless it was dry enough. so as long as my soiul is airated it will always have the right amount of water.

    I thought it was pretty sweet idea.
  6. Hell give it a shot... see if it works, let me know if it dose but I would be test labing your whole grow.
  7. The hose part is a real good idea, but roots need oxygen as well as water. Keeping them moist and wet 24/7 will drown them. :0

    I would say do the hose part, but only water them as needed. The soil should dry out before you water them. Read up on it man, it's important. If your going to be growing that many plants you should read up on it.
  8. I have i thought that with airated soil.

    I thought about it like those thing cats drink outa that refill themselves.

    When the soil starts to dry. the excess air would go to the hose n release water based on the suction it would create. So when it needs water it would drip out instead of just watering the plants regularly.

    Il do a small one of a plant or 2. see hwo the effects go
  9. Won't work.

    Nothing to create suction.

    If ya put your hose over the top of the bucket there will be no suction as I just said. Dry dirt will not form a vacuum and that's what you need to create suction.

    If ya put the hose in the bottom of the bucket [cut into the side or bottom] all the water will run out. No matter if your soil is wet or dry.

    If it rains once or so a week no need to worry about it.
  10. Te farther from the bucket the plants are the less water they'll get from the hose, might have some issues with that. In addition it sounds like a good way to get root rot and all kinds of shit.

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