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Water Spilt In Bho

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokentoke198, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I finish doing a dab, take a drink and set the cup down and knocked it with my hand at the same time. This resulted in a major case of WTF cause it spilt wanter directly into my dish with all of my oil.

    Is there any way of removing the unwanted water?
  2. how about letting it dry? 
  3. Try setting it in a window seal to let it evaporate .
  4. Ill try it out. I was hoping for a faster solution though.
  5. Did the water actually mix with the oil, or is it just there together? You should be able to gently dump it into another container. :smoke:
  6. put a fan on it and let it sit no fast fix here.  so sorrwy...
  7.  yes
  8. Its mixed in with oil, You can see water bubbles underneath. Will it evap if the water is trapped in the oil?
  9. It really shouldn't have mixed, that's wild.
    I would dump it out onto a cookie sheet. Then lean one end to see if most of the oil stays together. If it does capture that to dry seperately from the rest.
    Otherwise (or for the rest) get the fan going over as wide of a surface as you can. Try to consolidate it as it drys for less of a mess. :smoke:
  10. Thanks for the input blades
  11. This happened to me once i just threw it in the oven at 125 or so and purged it a second time. Came out fine for me.

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