Water Spikes and Root Consolidation

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  1. Hello,

    This is our third indoor grow and we're going on a 2 week vacation right around 9 weeks into flowering. We bought some ceramic water spikes and I wanted to try them out ahead of time, so we placed them in the plants about 2 weeks ago. with a mop bucket (cleaned very thoroughly and many times over) full of water and some nutes for the final stage.

    If you take a look at the pictures, I just have two questions. The first is, I removed the water spike today and you can see the roots heavily developed around it, essentially creating a wall of roots! Is this dangerous for the plant?

    The second is, the plant with the heaviest concentration of roots around the water spike is the very green, very droopy plant in the picture. Is it soaking up too much water? It is different strain the others in the picture.

    Should I move the spike once a week or so? The plants actually seem a LOT happier after adding them and I haven't had to water them in weeks! It seems too good to be true :)

    In case it helps:

    Air circulation: 4 22MM fans, two intake, two outage.
    Temp: ~69 degrees at night, ~80 degrees during the day
    Lights: 6x 42w; 18/6 for 7 weeks - 12/12 for 7 so far

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  2. I am no expert as I am only six weeks into my first grow but I would think as long as the roots stay white and healthy it would be fine but if you wanted to move it around every weeks or so it might help it grow more roots in that area. I am just guessing but it would be a good experiment I would go for it. But if you did I would fill the hole with some soil do the roots don't dry up.

    Also I would say the one that is really droopy is getting to much water or not enough oxygen either way you look at it it would probably be a good idea to take it out and let the soil dry up a bit and see if your plant perks up.

    Just my 2 cents please correct me if I am wrong everybody or let us know if you agree :)

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