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Water Solubility and THC

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by sleepyhawaii, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. THC is not water soluble.

    Does this mean boiling weed in water will NOT extract the THC, or does it mean that it WILL extract it, but not retain it?

    I do not understand the solubility concept completely. On another forum, a user posted that when making edibles, they boiled their weed in water. They replenished the water and reboiled until the water came out clean - removing the strong odors before cooking in oil.

    The real purpose of this post deals with drug dog detection. THC is odorless, so I have read, and if boiling out the scent (what molecule exactly makes the smell?) via a water bath before cooking out the THC in oil... Well, if the scent molecule is water soluble, then it is gone.

    I don't know. So many questions!
  2. A lot of resin? Cold water does better I think
  3. THC is not water soluble. However boiling it will degrade the plant material and leech out the majority of the psychoactive ingredients If Im not mistaken, this dosent mean you can drink the water and get high, because your body cant digest raw THC. you need to bind it to a fat or some other easily digestible molecule in order to experience a noticeable effect . At least this is my understanding of how it works, I may be wrong however.
  4. So, if you are correct, the THC will be extracted, but it will be floating around all willy-nilly with nothing to latch onto. Once it snuggles up next to a fat it will be digestable.

    Will boiling down the water evaporate the THC?

    Does anyone know the molecule that makes up the smells of weed? Anyway to extract/evaporate that separately from the THC?
  5. THC is fat soluble. Which means that on a molecular level it can bond to an oil, but not to water. So water will probably keep the THC in tact. Also, the smell comes from terpenes, which I believe are oil based, so boiling your weed probably won't reduce the smell.

    I find the best solution is to use an oven bag. Like people use at Thanksgiving for their turkeys, but you can buy smaller ones. It'll lock the smell in really well while it cooks.

    Good Luck.
  6. It isn't really the smell while cooking, but in the final product.

    Do terpenes affect the high? If not, why keep them?
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    Yeah if you boil down the water youd be left with essentially a rough resin/hash like substance, but there are much more efficent ways of doing this. Your plant matter would still have left over thc
    EDIT: If I were you I would turn my weed into brownies and then store them in several layers of plastic bags and such. Honestly though if your trying to get past security at the air port I wouldnt risk it
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    Great op. This thread had spurred me to do some research on eliminating the compounds responsible for odor. Here's a link with a lot of VERY handy info for the canna-chemist:
    From what I know atm, you won't hurt the tch unless you heat it to its boiling point which I believe is 314.6 water boils at about 212 so unless you're 100 over boiling the thc should be fine BUT if you go through the list in the link above, you are sacrificing beneficial compounds once you go over a certain temp. The highest I heat anything I'm processing is 290 for cookies, and 250 during the decarb for other edibles/drinkables.
    Also, if you extract with butane, and then winterize the bho (if you don't know what I'm talking about hit up Google), and filter the hell out of it, it greatly reduces but doesn't eliminate the odor.
    I'll be back if I find anything useful :]

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  9. was wondering if anyone actually knows if you can get oil from water with thc in it from evaporation at a certain temp

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