Water Question ???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by R3ap3r420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hi, i was wondering im about to repot my plant into a bigger pot should i put stones in the bottom for better drainage or no?
  2. You can put stones if you want, it just makes the pot heavier to handle. I usually just add perlite to my soil mix for added drainage. 1 part perlite to 5 parts soil seems to work best for me. If you do add stones, just an inch or two, or better yet, if you have hydroton (clay balls used in hydro), you can use them also.
  3. i would only put stones in if your pot that you're transplanting into will be the biggest pot the plant will ever be in. the reason for this is because if you see roots exposed out the bottom of a pot with no rocks, you can transplant to a bigger pot or keep moist media under the pot so the root tips don't dry out. if the pot has rocks, though, and the roots grow into it, you won't be able to see them growing into the rocks and those rocks could dry out between waterings, killing the root tips. If you're in a big enough container that the bottom part is always a bit wet, rocks help because they keep it from being tooo wet but still allow the roots to live, but if you're hoping to see roots coming out of the bottom to transplant again, then hold off on the rocks.

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