Water Quality Report, help me understand pls.

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    Marina Coast Water District (MCWD) : Water Quality : Central Marina and Ord Community
    This is the quality of my local water.
    Normaly when I test the water with PH strips, it doesnt show up as alkaline at all like the report says. It useually doesnt effect the PH strip at all as it would if it were neutral.

    Im just curious, if I aerate this water would it be fine for watering plants? Should I use RO? Im so fucking confused because EVERY time I grow I always get this yellow new growth bullshit and I cant figure out why. I dont have a PPM meter and I cant really afford any extra shit at the moment.
    This is what it looks like http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-marijuana-growing/951745-what-deficiency.html

    I dont even know where to start honestly.
    My last round,I ended up letting a friend finish them. Gave him the plants at week 1 flowering(same point the plants i have now)He said what he did to fix the same problem was start using aerated tap water instead of RO water. He said he started feeding cal-mag at 1tsp with this water as well! Also he put bloom nutrients in it after I had already fed them, and it was a full dose at week 1.

    The thing is, I havent known him that long. And IMO it seems more like a lockout than a deficiency. The last time i watered them with 1 1/2 tsp of cal-mag + 4 tsp of botanicare bloom. The plants are still growing at the same rate it seems like.....Could he be giving me bad information because he wants me to fail as a grower? Keep in mind we buy weed from him every now and then...
    ugh.....I think he was telling the truth, but I just want some more people to confirm. (The plants the he grew turned out really good with no deficiencys)

    The 4 plants in the pic, were started in fox farms soil. Then they were vegged for 3 weeks in a pot that was too small(severe deficiencys). Then when I transfered them into the big pots that you see they are in now, they started growing alot better for about 2 weeks. Then thats when the yellow new growth started to kick in. The waterings I gave them with nutrients seemed to have little affect. The plants are growing pretty fast despite the yellow new growth however.
  2. Basically what im asking is, is a water of this quality + a full dose of cal mag + full dose of botanicare bloom something that would fix a yellow new growth problem?
    Or am I just giving the plants too much of something and locking nutrients out?
    If you want the details on the grow they are in the second link.
    Also, how much Cal-mag would someone use if they did infact have a calmag deficiency. Thx~
  3. I'm not too sure what your specific problem is... But I ALWAYS (with every feeding+watering) use Cal+mg. Always.

    Also... You live about 15 min away from me :p
  4. Thanks.Good to know. do you use tap water?
  5. Yes I do. Although I am in a different city than you are. But yes, I use tap. I used RO on my first grow and tap ever since and have had no problems with the tap.

    Do you have any idea what your PH levels are?
  6. 6.5- 7 somewhere in there
  7. Huh... You could always give them a good flush with PH'd water and start your feeding schedule over.

    How close do you keep your light to the tops?
  8. I flushed one of the plants last night, then immediately after flushing gave it 1 gallon of water containing 1.5 tsp CAL-MAG and 2 tbsp of botanicare bloom and a tiny bit of molasses like .5tsp. It looks the same still. All of the plants are still growing though.. Maybe they just want more cal mag??

    Lights are 600hps with air cooled hoods. about 16-18 inches away from the bulb itself and 1ft from the glass.
  9. I would say as long as they are growing well you have nothing to worry about... If you start to see more problems then it might be time to start looking into what the cause is.
  10. EWG Tap Water Database 2009

    Nice you got radium-228 in your water. Get R/O or a distiller, the least you could do is use a filter.

    Also, tap water is usually really high pH, 7-8.5 because of all the calcium bicarbonate in it.
  11. That's the wrong "Marina" water district.
  12. Well if it is, OP can type in his zipcode.
  13. Huh... I did it myself and it gave me the same district, which it says is in L.A.

    We're nowhere close to L.A.


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