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  1. Hey guys, so i got busy one day and decided to build a couple tester aeroponic systems...I bought one 200gph pump, i'm using these 360'degree, adjustable nozzles.

    For the first system i built, which is the smallest one and only uses 1 mister head. I tried this one out, and it gave some nice pressure to the one nozzle and sprayed pretty nice. As for the second system, which consists of 8 nozzles. This system wasn't quite as effective at spraying, weak, uneven stream. For this setup, I will be investing in some air-stones for the resevoir with an airpump of course. As well i will be getting a microfilter bag for my air pump, and a programable second, timer.

    So anyways yeah, I will post more updates on my grow when everything gets up and running. Although before you go, i have two questions.

    Question 1. 250Gph for 1 mister nozzle, you think this will be too much for my pump (all the back pressure).

    Question 2. How do you like that spray (from what you can see)?

    Thanks for reading, I have been reading quite a bit of information regarding these systems, and am pretty sure this setup should suffice.

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