Water pot completely before planting the seed?

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    I'm going to be starting 3 autos tomorrow evening.  The seeds are currently soaking.  I'm putting the seeds directly into their final, 3 gallon pot.  Grow medium with be Espoma Organic with added perlite.
    I have read all about the issues of over watering, but it seems to make sense when starting seeds in their final pot to water the pot completely, plant the seeds, and then plan to not water again for possibly a week. (depending on how fast the soil dries)
    Am I thinking correctly, or is it best to just water a small area where the seed will be planted?
    Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.

  2. I thoroughly soak my soil and mix it all by hand and ring it out a bit before planting.
  3. I water with warm water the first time. It seams to stick better to dry soil.
    Interesting snoop.  Do you agree that it is best to water the whole pot when starting seeds the way I am?
  5. I've never germinated my seeds.  I always water the soil, let it drain completely, plant seed and put saran wrap over the top.
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    All my seeds popped 100% of the time with root riot cubes. And that's not soaking them. They usually pop in 18 hours.
    I would not soak, like flush the soil. I get lucky by not watering too much, roots need air too. simply moist is fine.
    For clones I use hot water, let them drain 1/2 hour. put my clone in it and wrap a sandwich bag over the solo cup.
    I  soak the seeds in warm water in a pill bottle and set on top of a cable box or other warm electronic item for 24-36 hours. then place the seed 1/4 inch or less deep mist the top very well, cover with plastic bag.
    pull the bag at first sign of a sprout.
  8. yup you got it but make sure to add a good amount of perlite going into that big of pot so it doesnt stay wet as long...i usually do 25% perlite for soil and 50 for coco..i germ in a cup till they pop and root sticks out then i just push an indent in the soil not really a hole and cover it just enough to be under the surface...usually pops up the next day
  9. Great, thanks.  I won't soak the soil, just mist the top well.
    This is like Christmas.  Lights on in the tent, pots filled with soil, and seeds soaking.  Can't wait to get them in the dirt tomorrow.  :yay:

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