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Water pipes to the U.S.?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tectonic420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I've been looking in the Grasscity store for some time now and have decided on a piece I would like to get. This is also a most opportune time with the sale going on. My question: Is ordering a water pipe to the U.S. safe? Will they like check it as it comes in or something? I know the U.S. is suspicious as hell and I haven't a clue what lengths they might go to to spy in on packages arriving. Any info or experience would be much appreciated.
  2. Well you being from jupiter explains most. Buy a bong, stop getting your panties in a bunch and it will be there within a week or two. The U.S has hundreds of thousands of packages coming in daily...why the hell would they look through all of those for your $150 bong when they're is more than likely packages with several pounds in them. Stop your worrying....bongs aren't even illegal to own.

  3. ^That

    Bongs, pipes, and papers are all perfectly legal, you can smoke tobacco out of them... so they legal.
  4. bongs arent illegal till u smoke outta em. the technical term is water pipe, which is supposed to be used to smoke tobacco with. so ur fine
  5. Alright, and I was just checking, you never know what the government is gonna do. Haha, but you guys are right, they are perfectly legal until smoked out of I didn't think of it that way.
  6. just dont expect it do get there fast with christmas right around the corner
  7. Oh, no, I'm not worried about speed or anything, just suspicious government eyes. I understand if it takes 2-3 weeks. By the way, I really reside somewhere in Florida not Jupiter aha.
  8. Hopefully grasscity explains their pieces as "water pipes" or the like, rather than "glass bong" on the shipping manifest. That's really all the inspectors look at, if anything.
  9. my bong said 'glass pipe'
  10. That's good to know!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge man!!
  11. link the piece you want to get :bongin:
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    As some other blades have said, there's nothing illegal about a water pipe. Check out the unofficial shipping/tracking journal for lots of feedback, largely from stateside customers. I ordered mine in July, and it took a couple of weeks to get here.

    Note that customs can be assholes and confiscate...well, basically anything that they deem "restricted" or "prohibited." I don't want to scare you away, because most people don't have problems with glass pipes being shipped to the US. Just remember that it can take some time coming from overseas, and if customs decides to inspect your package, it can take longer.

    At any rate, GC shop is a great place to buy. Great products, great staff, great prices. :)

    EDIT: BTW, the piece that I got was the Weed Star Payday Roundfoot, though mine has ice notches (doesn't show up on the Shop now for some reason). My first tube, and I love it :bongin:
  13. Ugh some of the first couple posters were dumb.

    Bongs ARE illegal in the US. A waterpipe is not. That's why you shouldn't even use the word bong in a headshop. Bongs are assumed to be meant for marijuana.

    Ordering to the US from grasscity is very safe, but if you buy anything that has the word bong in its actual name or on the packaging, then the risk us customs will hold it is higher. Same concept if you order a brand like weedstar, the name raises suspicion. Either way its extremely unlikely they'll confiscate it indefinitely, and if they do you will get your money back.

    That's very unlikely but yes it has happened with people.

    Edit - just saw you want weedstar, haha, don't worry its probably still fine. I know people who've successfully ordered them too.
  14. Yeah, that's why I was careful to word even the title as Waterpipes, my dad has told me about how when he was in a headshop in cali, they had a sign that said "Please do not refer to the water pipes as bongs. Thanks" That has stuck with me. and yeah I can imagine customs getting all ticked about brandname and whatnot, but if it's packaged as "glass pipe" or "water pipe" as a good discreet company I believe would do (and I love this community and consider the GC people to be quite smart) I appreciate these latter posts, much more support, thanks fellow blades =D :bongin:
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    Not necessarily true. The store policy actually says "We accept no responsibility for shipments confiscated by customs."

    With that being said, shop support seems to work with customers in the unlikely/rare event that customs does confiscate items (from what I've seen here on the forums). Remember...GC doesn't get the item back, so by providing any compensation, they are probably losing money.

    Like I said, I bought a "Weed Star" piece and there weren't any issues :) Good luck, OP, and most of us are always willing to help a fellow blade :smoke:
  16. Yeah, that other thread, the guy had talked about how they had recently (back after January or February) changed the laws on shipping overseas and things have been faster by airplane and not by boat ever since, so that was very helpful (as well as the fact customs didn't confiscate any of his 4 items)! And yes, 95% of the time everyone on these forums is very helpful, and I try my best to give my own support where I can on this online community!

  17. Sorry...I don't pay attention to what websites label their pipes as...I go to local headshops and buy pieces.

    Idk how referring to a waterpipe as a bong on a stoner forum makes me dumb...especially when there is no "customs" on here to make sure my post doesn't get confiscated for labeling waterpipes wrong.

    As for OP....I wouldn't get that piece...that's just me. Spend a few extra bucks and get a small portable....water...pipe.
  18. I have a smaller portable water pipe I bought from my local headshop, $40 for a standard no diffuser 6 in tall water pipe. I love it, it works great, for my first water pipe, but a dual chamber, almost foot tall, diffused bubbler/water pipe for 59.50 (with the current discount code) pretty hard to beat + the reviews on it are all quite amazing.Therefore my mind is quite made up. Although that doesn't mean I won't keep browsing the GC store till I'm ready to order to see if there's anything that catches my eye (for lack of a better word) more, for a similar great price.

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