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  1. For a 50-50 perlite coco mixture, what is the right PH when just watering? I know for nutes 5.8-6.2 is suggested, but I think for water it is different.

    Thanks for all replies.
  2. You should never use just plain water when growing in coco. A good pH is around 6.0.
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  3. Thanks
  4. May I ask for a quick response as to why Mick?

    Perfect learning experience for me.....and possibly others.
  5. You might find this link helpful - www.cocoforcannabis.com. It is the best site on coco growing in my opinion.
    Good luck. :)
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  6. Watering with plain water every once in a great while won't hurt anything but if you use it regularly it will possibly mess up the cation exchange capacity which can lead to issues. Coco is hydroponics - the medium doesn't provide the nutrients like soil - you have to provide the nutrients. Just like doing any other kind of hydro like DWC for instance, food has to be given and available all the time. People use different methods when growing in coco - I prefer daily feeding to run off with a weaker nute solution - twice a day when flowering.

    Hope that helps.
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