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  1. Hi all, so this is my first real indoor grow. I have 6 going atm in 1.5 gallon pots. More of a test run before I use premium seeds. Currently using 1.5 gallon pots. How much should i be watering at a time for that size? I'm currently giving 4 cups of water per plant every 2nd day sometimes third, is that correct amount for a pot that size? Also I checked today and the roots are starting to show in the bottom holes of the pots already. Was going to veg another week or two and then flip. I understand they will be restrained in size, but will it be fine just keeping them in these through the whole cycle? Pic is pink kush at 1 day short of a month. Thanks for any advice. 1573862590022.jpg

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  2. Water when they are dry. Pick the pot up. If it feels light and dry then water. Water thoroughly. Feel how heavy they are when watered for comparison.
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  3. I also grow in small pots, with sungro #4(70%peat,30%perlite) I give them around 1.5 litres(6.3 cups) per gallon and it seems to work good.

    I recommend to start feeding/watering the plants when they're almost dry and not just every two or three days, if you lift the pots you can tell when they need to be hydrated.

    I'd also hold off on flowering and try to fill the space in better, maybe switch to flowering in two weeks at the earliest.
    I don't think you have to worry about the pot size if you're only keeping the plants small, it's when you're trying to grow big plants that they're only going to get so big in a small pot.
  4. 1 quart of water for 1.5 gallon pot. my opinion the proper answer .
    what light do you have above them ? watts
    when you water you only do so after you stick your finger a inch deep if its dry. you put the entire quart of water all at once it will come out of the bottom of the pot wipe up .
  5. Ya I've been waiting till dry a couple inches its promix with dakine420 nutes. And a 240 quantom board, in those pics I had just watered

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  6. why i was asking the light to make sure your plants were be robbed from the small pots .... you will be fine keep it up ...
  7. Thanks guys, ya this is a test run with seeds I got off my plants. Trying different things like lst vs fim vs just straight grow lol see what I like for the seeds I bought

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  8. So just so I'm clear, keeping it in small pots will only affect the size of the plant? Not keep the buds I do get small?

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  9. In my expierience ive grown just as large colas in a 10 gallon pot as i have in a 1 gal pot just didn't yeild as much as the larger pot, try your best make everyday perfect for your plants and they will respond accordingly
  10. That is what I wanted to hear thank you sir

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  11. Water them till you start to see "Run-off" out the bottom of the pot.
    This ensures balance and testing the run-off waters PH is a good way to keep your acid/alkaline in check.

    Best o' luck, BL.

    Also; you don't have to water everyday if its cool. Don't go overboard.
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  12. I havent been watering everyday, every second sometimes third. I stick a finger a couple inches down and if its dry they get watered.

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  13. It's really up to you. Do you want to water every 2-3 days or everyday. It depends on what growing style you adopt and your daily schedule with work and life. I water every 2 days and I am in 2 gallon pots. I use about 4 cups when they are bigger and when they are smaller I use 2 cups. Each plant drinks different so it's just a baseline. Use the weight method once you figure out how you want to feed. Example some people prefer a lower ppm nute solution and they water everyday with no run off but there is not much nutes to build up. Some people prefer to water every 3 days with a higher ppm nute solution. The weight of the pot will tell you what to feed them. I start with a 1 day feed so I know what a 2 day will feel like.
  14. Of course you won't get as much yield from your pot as you would a 10 gallon pot.......but it will still produce nice quality buds.....just don't expect oz's upon oz's............just my opinion.....

    As far as waterting..... everything comes into play....your temps, your Rh, light wattage and distance, air flow, etc...

    like everyone said.....you will be able to tell when they need water by lifting the pot.....that is always a sure fire way to know.

    Good luck to you!:Love-Plant:

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