Water nutes or transplant??!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SpliffShady25, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Leaves wilting on seedlings I intend to make mothers. Do they look like they need water or water and nutes or are they ready for bigger pots? Soil is dry so definitely gunna water them just don't know if they need their first feeding yet or if I should transplant before I water... thanks for your help

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  2. NONE OF THE ABOVE..you need better lighting those things are stretching to heaven as if to say take me away...


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  3. As GFP said you need to either get more intense light at that distance, or if you're using cfls or t5s bring the light within a few inches of the plant. You'll also need a fan in there to give em a light breeze to strengthen up those stalks.

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  4. I doubt that the root system is large enough to transplant. Can't answer the water/nute question. If you don't get your lights closer you will soon end up with 3' toothpicks with no bulk in the stem and no ability to hold heavy branches. What lights are you using? Also, when you do transplant I suggest you bury those stems at least to the cotyledons.
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  5. I don't know how to multi quote so I'll just reply you since you all said basically the same thing. Right now they are under a 27 watt full spectrum cfl lamp but I had them under 2 high output t5s but no matter how much I resided the light the plant would get burned guess I could try now that they are bigger and with a fan. I'll just put em under the t5s with a fan and water em and see how it goes.

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  6. You've got 15 plants - you'll need at least a couple thousand watts of light.
  7. These are just mothers I will be getting rid of males when they are sexed gunna have em in a separate mother closet. Will have a lot more light in veg and bloom rooms

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  8. How many mothers do you plan on keeping and what light are you using in the mother closet? What lighting do you plan on using in your veg and bloom rooms?
  9. I have a 4 foot 4 bulb high output t5 panel for the mother room plan on keeping any females I get atleast till I can grow out clones from them once then I will keep the mothers with the best phenos. I plan on using diy cobs for veg and flower. 5000k veg n 3000k flower. It's just really confusing on how many I need and the drivers, passive heat sinks and all that this is my first legal grow(and first grow to finish in general had a few failed attempts before) I've been watching grow mou5 on youtube tryna learn all I can but I'm shit stupid when it comes to technology.

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  10. I don't mean to jump to conclusions, but with all due respect - it's apparent by this thread title and the extreme stretching of your plants that you're not very experienced in growing. May I suggest you start out slow with one or two plants to get your feet wet and learn how to grow healthy plants from start to finish before you attempt mothers, cloning, and flower/bloom rooms.
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  11. I appreciate the suggestion I actually have a few plants that I got from bagseed downstairs that I grew as test plants before I got my seeds they are about 2' tall at the moment I may flip em to flower and if one is a female flower it all the way while I grow these into healthier mothers

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  12. Good luck to you.
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