Water in my perc

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  1. So noob question but I'm hear to learn so.. Yeah

    I got my new percolator in november and it hits awesome isnt very tall but about 13". However, after smoking it awhile water starts to fill the perc and soon the water will like bubble in your face. That's when I empty it, is this suppose to happen?
  2. percs are supposed to have water in them
    not to much to the point that water splashes in your mouth
    sometimes filling a piece is a touch and go process
    just another fun part toking
  3. It just depends on what kind of perc it is. Fill it up to like a inch above the perc. If you feel like that's to much lower it alittle bit. Like the poster above me said its a trial and error process.
  4. You're pulling water up into the perc when you clear it fill the bottom chamber up lower
  5. take a pic of ur bong so we can help u easier
  6. image-2736604911.jpg

    Where it cuts off is the top
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    First of all, nice piece. second of all...from the picture, I think you should fill it up to the first red to white wig wag. And if you're still getting a mouth full of water, try taking slower hits. If you pull with too much force you could probably get splash from most if not a lot of bongs. My 2 cents, im stoned

    Edit: And when I mean first red to white wig wag, I mean the one in the picture and just to the first white line haha
  8. Haha thanks that helps

  9. What he said, also, you mentioned that after smoking it a while it starts to happen, just don't reuse water time and time again. You will see a handful of bubble shot vids of people and their pieces and the water will be really dirty, so the piece will stack a whole lot more than it would with clean water.

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