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Water in (home) drug test cup?

Discussion in 'General' started by Novell, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. If someone were to add a SMALL amount of yellow food coloring to warm water and submit that as piss for one of those home drugs tests it would pass right? The test doesn't test for pH, gravity, adulterants, etc etc. Just drug metabolites. The ONLY thing I could guess that would happen is the dye in the coloring would mess with the test. Since piss can stain things anyway I'm just GUESSING nothing bad will happen.

    Has anyone done this before? Thanks...
  2. put in a very little amount of urine... like 3 MM worth lol, then put in a decent amount of water.... Works for in home urine tests...
  3. The odds of that resulting in a positive are very low correct? Like almost zero?
  4. Heres a trick that I used to uses and I thought it was pretty clever.

    There was a point when I used to be on "kiddie" probation. The drug tests were the simple home ones, essentially, and didn't go to the lab.

    I could've been clean for a while, but that was no fun. I couldn't use water because it was clear, and if I were to use food coloring there was another problem, the test was temperature sensitive.

    I had this little mini fridge (really mini, ,smaller than a college mini fridge) and it had both a cooling option, as well as a heating option.

    I mixed together a concocktion of water and food coloring making the perfect color piss and sealed it inside an air tight container and placed it in the fridge, I took the temperature. 98 degrees even.

    Needless to say I kept the fridge on 24/7 and always had a supply of clean, warm, piss around for whenever I may need it.
  5. if your talking about just your parents testing you.. just use all water man..
  6. Id proboly go with a little food coloring too. If I was giving someone a drug test I'd be less suspicious of a yellow fluid than a clear one.

    But as long a the test isn't temp sensative (I don't think OTC ones are) then some food coloring + water should do the trick.
  7. i was also wondering this as i will be getting drug tested by my mom sometime with a teensavers home drug test kit. i vaporize mad good weed so theres NO WAY i could use my piss...i was thinking to use warm water(i have heard theres a strip to test for temp.) and some food coloring or something in it to make it yellow and pass ..lol . i was wondering has anyone used this drug test before ? any tips? its the one that test for 3 drugs
  8. when you go to to bathroom, but feel little more than half of it with toilet water rest with piss, youll be negative and be happy!:)
  9. what i did to pass an at home piss test while i wasnt clean was easy and it works. Piss a very small amount into the cup, make sure its not the first or last stream of urine. this will give the color/warmth. then, scoop some toilet water into the cup..

    easy as that, good luck.
  10. Inconclusive/negative...You can literally fill the thing up with water, urine is what, like 90% water? Some shit like that, but home tests are easy...Lab tests are different, inconclusive will equal an automatic fail and you'll have to take it again.:cool:

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