Water in bong height

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  1. I got a new bong and I used it quite a bit already but idk if I'm filling it up correctly. Here's a picture of it. http://www.imgur.com/mZXayyt

    What's the correct water level for this bong? Thanks.
  2. I  cant really see the water level. but here are some questions for you; do you like the way it chugs? do all the percs fire?  is there water hitting your lips when you clear?  and finaly, are you getting high?  usually answering these questions can help figure out the proper water lvl. 
  3. Sorry the picture I posted doesn't have water in the bong. I usually fill it up till the place where the stem and bong meet is basically just submerged.

    To answer your questions, idk what you mean by "chug". If you mean the way it sounds, I'd say it sounds a bit wierd. You don't hear the bubbling when the bowl is on, and when it's off its a high pitched bubbling.

    I have a double cyclone diffuser perc. Idk how it's supposed to look when it's initiated. Idk if its for smoke or the water either.

    There is no water touching my lips when I clear.

    But yes in the end I am getting high.
  4. Someone must know the answer?

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