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    Its dry where im at no rain water but I want to foliar spray anyways, my options are well water or water from a water softner. The water from the water softner is doctor approved for people who can't take too much sodium, you definately can't taste salt. The water from the well has a ph of 8 and is high in lime, iron, and magnesium. I want to foliar feed kelp meal with a little silicon supplement and bio-ag full power to boost my outdoor plants. What would you do in my situation?
  2. Do you know what kind of softener is it? You can use citric acid to lower PH of your well water.
  3. It's a peerless 30 fme
  4. I would much rather use the well honestly, I water my plants with it without adjusting ph all the time. I have always used rain water for foliar spray but I have none I just always added my stuff and sprayed I dont have anything to check ph I just know my well is a ph of 8.
  5. I think I'd water with the well, and foliar with the soft.
  6. Seems like it still uses some kind of salt, I wouldn't risk using it until you can verify what exactly it uses instead of sodium.
  7. I have used both well and softener water to water and not had a problem. I try to use well water if I have it available. I am afraid of a build up in the soil of some mineral that is in the water softener salt. Possibly locking something else out. This is pure conjecture on my part. I would keep using the well water.


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