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Water Filtration

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Weedity, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Okay, so I've been interested in the effects of water filtration on Cannabis smoke. I've been smoking nothing but basically bowls for the past 2 years and smoking cigs. Recently I have been trying to take care of my lungs by quitting tobacco and not smoking blunts like crazy and what not. So now I'm thinking of replacing my bowl I blaze with daily with an easy to carry around bubbler for water filtration. 

    So my question(s) is, what is your experience with water filtration? In bongs and bubblers does it actually filter out the bad plant matter? Does it get you higher or take away the THC and do you feel less of a high? Does your bubbler get as much res and a bowl will? Are there any downsides with water filtration? Just give me some facts from experience and your knowledge. I'm more interested in bubbler experiences then bongs, since I have a bong but it just isn't as easy to take around with me like a bubbler will be. 

    Oh and also, I know a vape is the easiest way to take care of your lungs. I had one but the thing fucking broke and I can't afford a new good one till I save more money after working in my full time job and can buy a great one. So for now, I'm interested in water filtration. 
  2. So here, bong water filtration might filters soem active components but not any componenet that gets you high. I mean people have been using water filters for years. But they key of they bong as that the water cools down the smoke (and the glass if you havent realized absorves someo f the heat too, thats why glass quality and thickness matteers. But mainly smoke gets condensed and you cant take bigger hits. Resulting in a more efficient use of your bud, because youre absorving a lot of thc per hit. 
    Bubblers will get you slighte less higher but if you hit them right i tihink you get fucked up like the bong. This new types of bubblers like the MGW types are fucking amazing.
    water filtration downside: it reeks hahah and you have to change it
    When smoke enters your lungs cb receptors opening up and a ready to proccess and feel up the sockets. So the bigger the hits the quicker youll get higher and for longer.
    My main isue with vapes is that they really dry my throat up even if a use a water bong, a im using DBV so..
  3. I'm really digging the water filtration. Glad I got my new bubbler! I get higher and studies show it is easier on your lungs. 

    I use to own a MFLB. Need to get a vape now. 
  4. Nice, next thing you can try is hooking your new vape to the bubbler and youre all set dude.
  5. Me and my buddy once rigged my bong up with my old magic flight box and it worked, so I'll have to try it with my bubbler as well once I replace the broken MFLB or get a new vape. 

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