Water droplet pictures, ya like?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by PipePuffer, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hey there blades, re-doin this post. I added some food coloring to milk, and changed the angle a bit. Also re-did my method a bit, dropping from higher up to get a different shot.

    My favorite:

    A messup, but I like it:

    I like this one a lot too:

    These still have thier problems, they're all a tiny bit out of focus, the china isnt clean along the rim, etc. They're the best I got though, and I probly wont do more for quite a while... they're not as fun to shoot as other stuff. My deviant art link is in my sig for some other stuff, just pictures of my dogs so far.
    Hope you like em,
  2. Hey man, always good to see another mad scientist out there. Great stuff, really! You took on the general concept pretty quickly, like I did, even though I haven't done water droplets in months. I might have to pick them up again.

    Don't have much time on here right now, so I'll give you some tips when I get back home tomorrow.

    Keep it up!
  3. Thanks. Im hoping to pick up some food coloring or something similar tommorrow, then maybe it'll be easier to pick up the details in the water. Plus I think I should move my lighting (what a redneck, I used a reading lamp for lighting...) up, so there isnt so much glare/brightness on the china.
  4. Bump.... re-did it.
  5. Wow, Pipe! You really caught me off guard with these three! I'm seriously impressed. The bokeh is excellentand the colors work wonderfully. The overall composition could use some work, though. Your framing seems a bit erratic in most of these, something you should try and avoid with a series. Pick a spot and stick to it. Other than that, great stuff.

    I just ordered the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens, so be prepared to see a lot more water droplets from me in the near future. :D

    Keep it up, man!
  6. Heh, i took my setup idea from your picture of what you used for a "tripod" to hold your cam. I had it on two different sized books so it was pointed down, got it focused and in the right spot, then starting snappin off shots without looking through the viewfinder, so i got the drops in the right spot. My system wasnt so good though, cause the camera rocked back and forth a bit, causing the change in viewpoints :/.

    Thanks though!

    (ps, these were the best out of alteast 200... cant remember the exact number but it was huge. I realized I had no chance of just clickin one shot at the right moment, so I held down the shutter release and put drop after drop in front of the camera :D. I like to rely on my own timing usually though, instead of snapping tons of shots)

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