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  1. So I read around in several forums and while looking for information on curing I kept reading about this method. Not wanting to use too much herb due to very small grow, I used about a half pint of fresh cut bud. The bud was placed in a pint mason jar and filled with water. I tried to fill slowly letting the water run down the glass as not to disturb the resin glands.The bud will try to float so you need to keep it submerged. I used two golf balls but you can use anything that wont contaminate the water or add foulness to your herb. For large amounts I read people will use coolers and plates.

    The herb stayed submerged in the container for seven days. The water must be changed every day and the container should not be covered. Water should also be stored in a dark place. After a few days the water smelled pretty bad and turned green, but by days six and seven it cleared up and was far less smelly. When I removed the herb at day seven it lost its vibrant color but didn't look bad. I placed the bud in a strainer over a container and ran a fan over it to speed up drying. I read if you take too long to dry it will get moldy so use a fan or a food dehydrator. The herb dried in about one day with periodic flipping and it got a lot smaller. I ended up with around 6 grams.

    How it Smokes
    So first thing is the stuff has little taste.There is just nothing really there. Not bad really and the smoke was very smooth and it expands in the lungs. Had no real smell either both when burned or in nugget. The ash left behind was white. I had heard it was stealth herb but it really is! Potency was great, none lost compared with jar cured or others buds. In fact its a little stronger bowl for bowl which is good as I lost weight.

    My Impression
    Water cure has impressed me and I will do it in the future should I get the chance to grow again one day. I will not do it with all my herb, I love flavor and smell of a nice long jar cure far to much but water cure is great for a side stash. Its stealthy, potent, and gives you some smooth smoke while your other stuff has time to gain flavor. I just figured since I didnt see any info on this cure in this section I would post how I did it and what I thought of my results after personally trying it and comparing.

    Here is a picture to compare by, water cured on the left and jar curing on the right

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  2. ive been wondering about water curing, good post +rep:hello:
  3. good information, thanks!
  4. you have to water cure it right after cutting? you do this in place of hanging it?
  5. I don't know what I did but, I had a decent yield from my grow, but I think I dried it too fast and it tastes horrible... I can barely smoke it... so... water curing for me? it isn't completely dry... I've actually already started the water cure, I hope it dosent completely destroy my weed it already starting to dry but... I could barely smoke it to begin with... so... hopefully it will work out... we'll see...
  6. This thread totally convinced me. I had about 5 grams of weed that was really harsh, I threw about a gram and a half in a jar with water, drained it off once a day for 7 days, let it dry a day and a half, put it in the oven for a minute at 100C, let it cool, repeated a few times until it was dry. I was impressed. All the acrid burning harshness that closed up my throat before was gone, it still had a little taste, much more earthy and subtle though now, and it hardly lost any weight, and a joint of the same size got me twice as baked. Thanks for your walkthrough. I'm gonna go get 10 grams tomorrow and throw it all in a jar of water. I'm now trying to think of things that wouldn't mold, wouldn't bond to THC, that I could add to the water for flavour....
    You rock.
  7. Curing is the wrong time to add flavor, Iaowei. That should be done the week prior to harvest.

    Water curing is also great for cooking and making tinctures. You can also water cure already dried buds in order to mellow out any harshness.
  8. Sorry for my absence, Things have been crazy and I missed this thread.
    No your herb does not need to be fresh cut, you can use any herb. It is nice that you can use it right from cut as the faster you start/finish your cure the faster you have smokage. So its up to you. Don't worry that you dried it too much, its still fine to water cure. I read you are trying it hope all goes well and happy smoking. :smoking:
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    Without a proper cure your buds will be harsh so don't feel bad. A jar cure would work well for you too but it takes a good amount of time. Water curing is great for fast potent stealthy buds where as jar cure makes for strong smelling tasty buds that take longer to reach full cure. I like to have a little of both honestly.
  10. Nasty harsh hard to smoke bud can also be from not flushing it properly prior to harvest. Water curing will fix that problem as well.
  11. thats a crazy post dude. +rep
  12. What about the water? Did you use straight tap, filtered tap, bottled water, distilled water?

    Surely the water you use could make quite a difference?
  13. What are the negatives to this? If there are any.
  14. I just used tap water but my tap water is pretty clean, same I used for watering. I imagine it could make a small differance if it has a lot of minerals in it but I don't think its a big thing.

    As far as the negatives, you will lose some weight but your you wont lose thc so it will hit you harder with less. It also loses most of its taste and smell so if you want stinky nuggets this is not the method for you. But those cons are pros to some people. Herb that doesn't smell much makes it stealthy and good for toking without others knowing. Herb that tastes bad will lose most of the bad flavor so with some buds this is also a pro.
  15. man im doin this right now with about a quad of homegrown. its been about 3 days now and that shit reeks. im gonna start changing the water 2 or 3 times a day. it dont seem right to smoke somthing that smells that horrible.
  16. It smells its worst around four to five days in and the water will be very cloudy, by day seven the smell should be almost non existant and your water will be pretty clear. The more buds you are water curing, the ranker it will smell at mid cure.
  17. no post bru, + rep. and in my opinion the bud on the left looked better than the right (i know they're the same). so just to make sure, using the water cure method will allow you to have buds about 7 days after harvest? Do you think it could work with flavored water to give it a distinct taste or smell?
  18. I can't say if flavor in your water would do anything or not as I have not attempted it so I can't vouch for it. Yes you will have buds ready to smoke as fast as seven days from cutting them from the plant depending on how you are drying you buds. Looses flavor and smell but it is smooth smoking and not harsh. Drying with a food dehydrator will take several hours, using a fan will take about a day, maybe a tad more depending how much you have. Dry it well, moisture will make it taste bad and smoke bad. Be patient and make sure to fully dry it and it will smoke nice and clean.
  19. if i could i'd hug you man. i never heard of this process, but it's got me fuckin excited as hell. I was thinkin that I'd be weedless for at least another two months. thanks man

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