water cureing qwiso on the plate

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  1. hi i have made a number of qwiso runs over the years but not recently,(bought a vape and stopped smoking, my vape dont do oil) but im getting back into it.

    i have seen many people talking abut using hexene and salt water to wash there qwiso but i cant get hold of hexene.

    but i would like to make my qwiso eaven purer than i have alredy, now i have also seen grape streets frost hash, im shocked there are no other postes or attempts to further this aparent marvel.

    (but in the hexene method its mentioned that freezing your alcohol and hash mixture before evap allows the precipitation of the waxes etc from the alcohol, this makes frost hash seem like its not what i have been lead to beluive it is from the thread but it looks amazing does anyone know what the diff is and how it makes lovely golden hash and not nasty crap peeps dont want)

    AND what are peoples reconing or experiance of water cureing there qwiso after its dried on the plate?

    shurely water soluble inpurities in the qwiso will still leach into the water from the dried qwiso, as the layer on the plate is so thin alowing max surface aria? or is there something im missing here

    (i apologise for my spelling grammer etc im dyslexic and lazy :))
  2. sorry dude, can't water cure after qwiso extraction. trichomes are broken, oils are combined with chlorophyll and water solubles, making them harder to extract. that and less surface area, like you mentioned. If it worked at all it wouldn't be a big change.

    hexane is on ebay for $27 a quart and something like $65 for a gallon. you can use naptha as a cheaper but less "clean" substitute (you can buy 100% lab-grade hexane, naptha is a cocktail of nonpolar solvents, including hexane, with a rider range of boiling points than just pure hexane). and I think the precipitation of the waxes ("winterization") is only done with ethanol or acetone in the freezer, never heard of it being done with isopropyl.

    you could always filter with activated carbon
  3. thanx scottio promp and informative

    humm ok im still not sold on the hexane thing because it requires so many chems that are not redily available in the uk and i know there will always be some hexane left over no matter how many washes i do, it might be miniscule and so largly irelevent, but i will still know its there lol.

    i also wundered if you could heat the qwiso (or indeed just weed) to vaporisation and then cool it in a tube so it condensates in the tube then re-desolve with iso to remove it from said tube, giving you just the goodness with all or moste of the inpurities, left in the original container?
    i cant see chlorophill vaporising at the same time hence the thin black resedue left behind when burning it on the knife (hot knifes). what you think i may just go try this....
  4. that is a good idea you have, not sure if that black stuff leftover from vaporization is chlorophyll but it is worth a shot.

    definitely works with weed. If you had a volcano like me or another type of bag vape, you could fill the bag with vapor from your weed, and then just let it sit until all the vapor recondenses. It would be harder with a tube, because the tube begins with air already inside it that must be displaced by vapor, requiring a hole on the other end where air can leave (vapor will surely make its way out as well).

    you can buy activated carbon from any place that sells aquariums and stuff like that, its used to filter particulates out of water. very cheap, 5 dollars (6 or 7 euros?) worth will get you roughly a 16oz water bottle full of the pellets. probably more than most people will ever need.

    here's a "how-to" for the activated carbon wash: Slow Iso & Activated Carbon Filter - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    I'm sure you could do the same thing as the OP with household materials, just put pellets in a tube covering one end with coffee filter using a rubber band to hold it on.

    This is not the only way though. Some people crush up the pellets and put the dust inside the alcohol solution, shake it up, then pour the carbon/iso mix through a coffee filter. I'd do this method over the first personally, seems like it would work more efficiently.
  5. wow thanx man cheers for the link im making my aparatus as today

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