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  1. It's me again y'all

    With the water I use on my garden, is it ok to use bottled water? And is it ok to have it sitting in a barrel within my grow room? Does water go bad from sitting out? I understand I have to maintain a certain pH my concerns are just with what type of water and if it's ok for it to sit out

    Much thanks
  2. I found if I had tap water sitting in my grow space it was going funny after a few days and a weird orange tint to it

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  3. that doesn't sound good at all! I'm having trouble finding any sources for this online elsewhere... Do I have to keep my water covered? What's the most suitable way to contain a pH balanced source of water?
  4. Tap water is generally fine - if you're going to
    Keep it sitting out in a container in your area you should look into a dark container with a loose fitting lid; only to keep light away from it. This is simply to prevent algae from growing in the water. Algae is a plant and plants need light to grow so keep the light away from it and algae can't grow. You also don't want it getting warm.

    Cool and dark is the best way to store water for any amount of time.

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  5. I put my water from tap into 1 gal jugs and out them directly in the sun for 2 days to kill off the fluoride and other stuff that is in in. Been doing it for years

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