Water chiller too big???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hyDRO_GRO, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. I'm looking to invest in a water chiller. I found One for a good price Tama but it's 1/3 Horse power. I am only running a 4 site DWC 5 gallon system. Total of 20 gallons. How would that affect me?

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  2. read about some people doing DYI chillers using small bar fridges on the cheap.

    thats all i got
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  3. Sounds like a very good fit.

    It will get the soup cold quick.

    It is better to have a chiller that is bigger as a small one may not shut off (straining to keep up).
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  4. Thanks!
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  5. Better to get something with more capacity than you need right now.

    If you expand you're ready for it and it won't have to work so hard to keep the temps you want so should last a lot longer.

    I made a DIY chiller out of an old water cooler that was gifted to me. I put a small fountain pump into the tub and pump the nutes up to the cooler tank that's full of antifreeze where they circulate in about 12' of the tubing coiled up in there then return to the tub. Had to fart around with a timer on the cooler to maintain 65F in the tub but could easily do a larger rez with it.
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