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water bottle bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Higuys55, May 8, 2011.

  1. first please dont hate on me im not the most experienced toker just wondering, that would be why I'm in apprentice tokers.

    if water bottles are made of plastic, does that mean water bottle bongs are bad/really unhealthy? i've been doing this for awhile (yeah too lazy to learn how to roll or go out and get something real).

    i dont use tinfoil or anything like that. I just cut a hole in a half-full water bottle, stick a little pipe in, fill the pipe and light. how is this different from the normal method with tinfoil and all that? i dont really understand.
  2. I did this when I was a new smoker. I'm no scientist or anything but I'm pretty sure it's bad for u if u do it a lot. If it's a last resort every once in a while it should be ok but I don't think it should be your primary smoking device.
  3. Honestly, I don't think there's anything better than ripping a bong you saved long and hard for. I'm waiting on my WS bong to ship now, but the money is in etc.

    With that same mentallity, there's also nothing better than smoking a freshly rolled joint that's so incredibly tight and perfect that you appreciate the effort you put into it.
  4. The way you do it is like a bong. With the tin-foil, it's like a pipe. With the tin-foil there's no water and you hit it from the bottom while the bowl's on top. They aren't really bad for you, as in you won't notice any harm or anything. Just buy a decent piece next time you get $10.
  5. It's not bad for you, unless you end up melting plastic and inhaling the fumes. The water bottle bong I made in high school had a pretty big metal bowl, so it never really melted the plastic.
  6. i've always been uneasy about anything plastic but i prefer to make a nice little bubbler from drilling a hole in a can and stick a straw in it and taking the detachable from one of my pipes and sticking it on the end of the straw. doesn't melt anything and it smoked smooth.
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    What? Who says you don't have water when you have a tin foil bowl? You can get a hollowed out pen and put tin foil on that then put water in your bottle...
  8. nah this won't hurt you as long as you don't hit it too many times to get the stem too hot. the plastin won't melt and thats the only reason it would be unhealthy, i mean as long as the pipe is thick or made of a material that doesn't heat up easily. i love using plastic bottle bongs, i just keep a bowl on me with a pretty long stem and it's great cause i don't have to carry around a bong just the bowl and i jut melt the two holes and then i can make a bong where ever and whenever
  9. This thread sceams underage.
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  11. Yes you can do it that way, if it's a bong. I was referring to a pipe.
  12. Check if you have any head-shops around you that will sell to kids under 18. I know I did.

    If your really having trouble getting glass under 18, like you have no friends to buy it for you, o well. Get out that crappy makeshift bong, inhale some plastic fumes, burn up that tin-foil, get some Alzheirmers.

    And then the day you turn 18 go buy some glass.
  13. I am 18 wise guy...

  14. So instead of sitting around wondering if what you're doing is bad for you, go to a headshop and know that you're smoking out of quality. I recommend a nice glass-on-glass mini zob. Or even a pipe.
  15. Yeah just get some glass the quality of your high will increase
  16. I have a small straight crack pipe.. like 3-4 inches or something. would it be better to just smoke striaght out of it? Kind of burns my throat but I'd rather take that than risk getting some horrible disease.
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    Dude just poke it through the side of a bottle and put water in it. It will be less harsh but eventually get some glass man
  18. Chillum? It should provide a better smoke than any homemade piece.

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