Water bottle bongs?

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  1. Hi, I'm totally new to smoking and this forum. I just started smoking this week, but I truly do love it. So far I have smoked in two different occasions. I smoked .5 both times, out of a water bottle bong I made out of a door stopper (I used the door stopper, as the bowl and stem, and the door stopper is all metal). I got a pretty good high, I think, both times. Though one of my friends told me that when the smoke is in the plastic water bottle, the bottle leaks toxic chemicals. I'm wondering if this is true. At what temperature does plastic burn? How hot is the smoke when it enters the chamber? etc etc
  2. I can't back it up with science....

    But people smoke all the time through water bottle self-made bongs around here. As long as you can ensure that there won't be any flame touching the plastic part, there should be nothing melting from the plastic parts.

    And really, have you ever tried to inhale plastic stuff? It probably tastes AWFUL. Try to smoke a joint; with same tobacco/cannabis ratio as in that bong, you will pretty much taste it all the same.

    Even a little of plastic that is melting will cause awful smell and probably even worse taste.

    So, unless your stuff tastes extremely bad and only through that bong, then there is nothing to worry about.
  3. From personal experiance, I know that sometimes, the down stem draw can cause the bottle to get really hot/melt and thats definitely not good haha

    You should just make a grav bong.
  4. or you could just use a waterbottle + a small socket that has a smaller bottom and a bigger top and ......... screw it illl just put a pic up and dude dont worry like the guy above me said unless the flame is hitting the plastic while you are inhaleing u will be fine
    source: smoked out of water bottles for 2 years

  5. I would save yourself the hassle and just go down to your local gas station/head shop and pick up a spoon for <$20
  6. ha yea i did once on the road to a summer camp music festival. we wanted to smoke so i found random stuff in the van to make one...

    and yea the guy above me is right just got get a cheap piece of glass
  7. Ghetto blasters suck. Make either a gb or waterfall because they are easy to make and get you ripped. You should go up to the store and buy a little small glass pipe.

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