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Water bong tokers- I need your advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bkcarlito, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I'm making a temporary homemade water bong. I'm using a Gatorade bottle, the ones that are fat, not that it makes any difference I guess. What I'm wanting to know is what kind of water do I need to put in the bottle? Cold? Warm? Hot?
    I usually use a little glass pipe but wanted to go bigger. The only problem I have with a bong is the smoke burning the hell out of my throat. Any advice guys and gals?
    Also, when I'm smoking dank weed I tend to cough a good bit. Not sure if that will help in any way.
  2. mix all the waters.
  3. Use icy cold water, it will cool the smoke. You can put ice cubes in there to keep it cold for longer. Add a splash of blue or green mouth wash for a menthol flavor - it will feel cooling to your throat, kind of like menthol cigarettes. If the menthol flavor is too strong, dilute the water more.

    Take smaller hits to avoid coughing.
  4. take note of the weather around,

    it was really warm here last night and i had ice cold water in my bong, the contrast between the temperature in the room and the temperature in the bong was rather weird everytime i had a cone.

    In saying that, ice cold water is the best in regular weather, gatorade bottles are great for bongs!

    Make sure when you fill it up, only fill up a bit past where the stem enters the water, and when you make the shot hole, put it half way up the bottle on the back side, the half way position allows you to not spill water when you lean back and still clear the chamber rather quickly, it also provides a comfortable spot for your thumb no matter what hand you use (that's if you use a shot hole)
  5. some people say put ice cold water with ice cubes (to cool the smoke down as much as possible), some people say put hot water in there (so the steam mixes with the smoke and makes it feel better). some people just put tap water in there.

    iv tried both, and both do what ive said above, its personal preference. i found that breathing in cold smoke feels a lot stranger than breathing in the steam/smoke mix.

    i cba with ice cubes or waiting for the hot tap to get hot though anyway, so i just stick normal tap water in there, and get high.
  6. go with cold water. if the opening on that gatorades big enough you could even put some ice in.
    inhaling warm water feels weird cold will be more soothing.

  7. Very informative post. Thanks for the tips guys/gals. Guess I could just always experiment different temps of the water and see which one I like.
    Thanks again fellow tokers!!

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