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    I am on my first grow in bloom phase. I use 14 L pots and grow the strain g 13 haze from barneys farm.
    i have no idea when to water and fertilize the plants and how much. I have biobizz. can someone tell me how much ml water and how much ml biobizz bloom and how often ?

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    Okay so I would use only the base nutrients every other watering then a week or 10 days before harvest flush with only ph water... It all depends on the strain and how big of a nutrient hoe she is!! ..... I haven't grown this strain yet but it's on my top 5 to get list!!!

  3. you should be able to find a feeding schedule off thier web site. I would start light and work from there.
  4. try reading the back of the bottle and only do 1/3 strength....water till it comes out the bottom a little bit. then let dry.

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