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  1. First time out, small cabinet CFL operation, three plants, two rehabbing, one beginning to take off, and that's what we're about here.
    Good news is that the lady in question has made good progress in a week (photo 1, 1/19 - photo 2, 1/25). She's in a 6" pot with a soil, peat and perlite mix, and was given a light infusion of Fox Farm Grow Big about 4 days ago (solution at less than full strength per recommendation of the nice young chap at Nutes R Us). As you can see there's some nice internodal business going on.
    Bad news is that she's still only about 10 cm, and there's a lot of divergent opinion out there about watering. My hydro stick reads about 3-4 about two inches down, but still is fairly saturated near the bottom.
    Question, then, is should I water now or wait for the whole pot to dry out a bit more. I figure I should feed about every three waterings at this point, but that's a seriously un-educated guess. Any advice you may have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

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    If in doubt, wait another day or two. Much better option than over-watering. And every third or fourth watering is a good time to add nutes.

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