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    ive heard alot of people talking about using A molasses and water mixture with there plant to add size to there buds, im about 5 weeks into flowering and i was thinking about doing this, is it to late for me, i was going to flower for another 4 weeks, also what exactly does the molasses do to your plant how does it beneifit, and also i was wondering if there was any other natural sugars or vitamins froms fruits or juices you could add to the mix
  2. Plants take the fertilizer you feed them and the light they get and they create....sugars to eat.

    Molasses (black strap's what you're looking for. Brer Rabbit is the common brand) is the best 'form' of sugar for plants to quickly and usefully absorb, though other sugars (depending on processing levels/methods) can be used as well.

    Molasses is a great additive to any plant. Near the end of blooming (last 2 weeks or so), when the plant is freaking out because it hasn't been pollenated yet, it will bulk...molasses helps a lot at this stage.

    But sugars should be flushed from the plant prior to harvest. Too many sugars can overload the plant while it's curing, causing a harshness.

  3. What about adding sugar and Hydro?
  4. Works the same, takes less time to flush the plant.

    If you don't have a proper reservoir, the sugar can feed the wrong organisms and sour, just don't over do it, and make sure you're running a clean system.
  5. some people say i could have been using molasses the whole time i was flowering is this true and if so then would 2 weeks prior to harvest be enouph to even notice a difference in bud size due to tha added molasses
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    You can do anything you'd like. The last two weeks are a prime time to get extra bulk in your buds. If you're running hydro, you can run sugar-water until the last few days. Unless you have a control plant, you can't tell if it's working, but take it from me, the plants love it.

    You can feed sugar to your plants at any stage of development. The only reason you flush is so during the cure all the sugars in the plant are used up and you don't end up with excess sugars at the end. It's not required, just a cannaisseur thing.

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