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Water absorbs THC???!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sackagonj12, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. i recently heard a big time smoker say that water actually absorbs some of the THC and that bongs get you real ripped cuz you inhale so much in one hit. At first when i heard this i didnt belive it, i always thought that water made it stronger. Recently i decided to just hit my bong with out water and compare it to with water and i got alot higher from the hit without water
  2. Doesn't water take out like .5% of the thc or something, or that much of it gets stripped? I read that it wasn't a lot and that it wasn't very significant to the average toker
  3. Yes, the water filters the smoke, and some THC gets filtered out. It's so minimal that unless you are one who really doesn't mind smoking out of something dry, it's not a big deal.
  4. Yes. It does.
    You just get much bigger and smoother rips if its filtered.
    The more chambers a water pipe has, the more thc gets filtered, but also the more you can inhale at once.
  5. well as long as its not alot im still puttin water in

    Not even worth bothering over.
  7. its known that THC is hydrophobic meaning its not soluble in water.

    You said that the "big time smoker" said that bongs gets you ripped because the water absorbs more THC. This statement is wrong. All that the water does is it filtrates the smoke and ashes that goes through it. What gets you high is the density and the volume of smoke that accumulate in the chamber/s. the bigger the chamber the more volume and density you can accumulate before "clearing" the more intense the hits will be.

    In your second statement "i got higher when i smoked in a bong without water". This is all about displacement. Water takes up space. If u put water it in a bong it takes up space robbing you of space for smoke to gather (milk). So, when u smoked out of a bong without water, you had more space for smoke to milk therefore getting you high faster. but i bet that it was harsh as **** though huh?

  8. You need to learn how to read, because that's not what the OP wrote.

  9. No he never said that,
    learn to read...
  10. bongs are the best no matter what
    the more filtration the less lung problems!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Bong Rips are a quick and easy way to get blazed. Great for a rushed session.

  12. #13 offthewall12, Aug 29, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2008
    i meant to say SOME instead of more.

    happy? =)
  13. No, you're still wrong. There were two separate statements in that sentence and you interpret them as "statement 1, therefore statement 2", which was not the case. To be a clear as possible:

    1. Bong water absorbs THC.
    2. Bong hits get you ripped because the hits are bigger.

    Those two statements are unrelated. So YOU are wrong, not the OP or his long-time smoking friend.
  14. I have made the OP's (not big time smoker.) second statement clear by mentioning it.



    1. Bong water absorbs THC.
    2. Bong hits get you ripped because the hits are bigger.

    Those two statements are unrelated. So YOU are wrong, not the OP or his long-time smoking friend.


    the statements "bong water absorbs THC" and "Bong hits gets you ripped" are the original poster's friend's statements. thus, if you claim that i am wrong then you my friend need to smoke some more.
  15. ok let me just say this a little better

    my buddy told me that bong water actually absorbs thc so you arent getting as high as you could be getting and that the reason people think that bongs get you so much higher is because you take much larger hits so your getting more thc in one hit then you would from a dry piece

    Did that clear it up?
  16. Personally I'd rather have a smooth hit than .5% more THC in my bloodstream. Either way :bongin:

  17. Good point. .5% sounds a small price to pay if you like bong hits.
  18. i am really high right now but still this entire post smells like win
  19. Yes THC is water soluable, it is just fairly small in retrospect to your amount of water. You can't really put a "percent" on something with many variables, such as amount of smoke, is it perked, and water volume. But yes, Wikipedia says it best:

    Solubility in water \t2.8 mg/L

    Meaning that for every liter of water you have, 2.8mg of THC can be absorbed. Which I'm guessing is at optimal temperature.

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