watee drops on plant . Really weird

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  1. Hi all
    Just want to know if this has happend to anyone else ? .

    theirs waters drops all over one plant
    I turned the light back last night to 12/12 and when it turned back on i checked on them and it was like this

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  2. Condensation. Check humidity levels. When the lights go off, RH increases.
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  3. Y only on one ?
  4. Google "plant transpiration".

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  5. The air cant hold as much moisture when it's cool, so the water has to go somewhere.

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  6. get a dehumidifier set to to the proper lever for the stage of growth and walk away .
  7. I'm having the same issue in my 5x5 tent. Any suggestions for one that small of an area that doesn't cost a fortune?
  8. vent it out . run a small duct fan 24/7 pulling in air

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